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    A special big thank-you for all the people that attended the awesome weekend… I was dog tired by the end, but I have a really great time.

    One of the helpers, Alina, has been to many investment seminars and quite often we speculate about how many people will actually go on to achieve something…

    Well, those lucky enough to be in the room will be pleased to know that Alina thought that the mood wasn’t hyped-up at the end, rather it was a quiet confidence of “right, Inow know what I have to do…”

    In my opinion, this is an excellent outcome.

    Thanks again for all who participated. I invite those who attended to post comments here so that others can find out what it was all about, and what breakthroughs you achieved by being in the audience.


    Steve McKnight

    P.S. I will get to editing the tapes ASAP, but please allow 2 months (8 weeks) before receiving them. It’s a long process and I won’t compromise quality [:)]

    Steve McKnight | Pty Ltd | CEO

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    Hi Steve,

    My hubby (Michael) attended the weekend seminar and came home so hyped up. I couldn’t believe that after 2 yrs of nudging him to do ‘something’ it only took 2 days to light the fire under his …uhhumm [8)]. When he returned home, I had to leave him with our 2 sick and screaming kids for 5 min alone, just to bring him back down to earth!
    Michael told me as much as he could before he flaked out. He’s thrilled he went and thanked me for looking after the children [:O].
    A BIG thankyou to all of you at BradleyMcKnight, especially to David for leading us to this website, the seminar and the wraps library and to all the wonderful people we’ve met so far.

    Cheers [:D]

    Soosh (aka Sarah)

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    Great event Steve, plenty of interesting/knowledgeable people that I was able to talk to! It was also good to be able to finally put some faces to the names- Fergus & Matthew, amongst others. It was great meeting you people!

    Cheers [:)]

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    Steve & Team,

    The event was excellent, well worth the trip down from warm Brisbane to the cold.

    At the end of the weekend the only excuse I have left is that I currently do not have the starting capital for my first wrap. However, I have learnt many ways of getting it quicker than I thought possible on Friday. It was a great total learning experience.

    My only suggestion for improvement is for each of the Round Tables to have a second tape recorder to record the whole conversion at the table. I only stayed with Stuart O’Neill as I have had intros into the other topics. I was able to fill a page with notes from the questions answered. The complete conversions would be a huge benefit on the end of the seminar recording.

    Job well done to the whole team.

    Steve M Barnett
    Gorwydd Investments Pty Ltd
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    [email protected]

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    To Steve and Team, A huge thank you from me (Slavko). I wish to add that I absolutey enjoyed the seminar and what it offered and so did my wife, Kate. It gave us great information, knowledge and contacts for us to take action. We feel like we were destined to go to this seminar and obtain the great benefits and I’ll explain why. I went to another seminar about a month ago in Sydney which was great but at the end of it I still wanted to know more and especially how wraps are done in Victoria. I entered into an American Forum Site from the person who held the same seminar. I went to the search part and entered ‘Victorian Wraps’ I read a forum where a person stated that he heard of a great person in Victoria named Steve McKnight who has done many wraps and gave his links. I went into the links and came to this site which I found to be amazing. I spent 4-5 hours reading stuff on this site and all the forum stuff. On the Sunday before the Seminar, my wife Kate and I decided to obtain the Wrap Library and I rang Steve’s office thinking I would most likely get the answering machine as it was a Sunday, but I was surprised that Steve actually answered the phone. (Fate) I told him I wanted to purchase the wrap library and he asked me if I would be interested in the seminar next week and he offered me a great deal to both buy the library and to go to the seminar and offered me some time to decide. I hung up the phone, spoke to Kate and called Steve back about 1 minute later and said, “Book us in” which I believe, when Im in the future and look back, this will be a defining moment of our lives, the ‘fork in the road’ so to speak. So to those who did not have an opportunity to go to this seminar then I highly recommend that you go to a future one as it can end up being your defining moment where you can sit back in the future and say that was where my wealth started. Can’t wait to put the info in action. Cheers

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    Thanks Dave & Steve & behind-the-scenes crew.

    What a great weekend! I would describe it as a huge smorgasbord of info that made it clearer where my future focus should be. I agree with Alina that the seminar finished on a note of confidence.

    The role plays were especially effective to experiment with new techniques and strategies.

    Great to meet some of the faces behind the names on the forum too.


    Chris B

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    Well Steve and the team,

    thanks for putting on such a great weekend, and for providing us with so much information to go on with.

    The weekend really fired up my business partner and I, and on monday we spent most of the day looking at various properties and working out what we wanted to achieve.

    We’ve now set our goals, and know what areas we are looking at investing in, your weekend has put a kickstart to our business, so thanks for the opportunity to attend.


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    To Steve and the Crew…..

    What a sensational weekend… simply mind-blowing.

    I learnt that many new ‘easily implementable’ things, that I am now totally confident to achieve my goal of being in a position to retire at age 30. (I guess for those who don’t know – I’m 20yrs now and in my final yr of a commerce degree).

    Again, what a tremendous seminar. Worth the investment 10 times over, not only for the information provided but the contacts gained.

    Thanking You All,


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