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    Hi all again .

    With Wrapped houses the insurance coverage of the house is the Wrappees cost (ie if house burns down etc) but if for some reason the house itself causes a death ( from a gas leak or something ) and a court decides that a WRAP contract is partialy a rental contract and the “Tenant” can therefore sue for damages from the owner of the property .
    As most of us know we place WRAPs into Unit Trusts and the Trust is then managed by a Trusteee who is a company , does this Trustee company need to be a $2 only company or can this be a active trading company?
    Hs anyone obtained insurance coverage for anything like this above or am I just being a worry wart ?

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    Hi Stephen,

    Great talking to you before…

    In Victoria, because there is a sale contract there is no tenant-landlord issue. I include wording that spells this out in the contract just in case there is any doubt.

    Also see my comments about insurance – author FW.


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