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Steve McKnight's Property Apprenticeship Course

Steve McKnight’s Property Apprenticeship

“An important offer from Steve McKnight
#1 best selling author, Respected Property Educator & Professional Investor”



Dear Fellow Investor,

Imagine the outcomes you could achieve once you’ve completed Australia’s best property investor training…

  • Increased investing clarity and confidence – you bet!
  • Creating and implementing a winning wealth creation plan – certainly!
  • Finding superior property investments – for sure!
  • Buying real estate at great prices – you will be!
  • Strategising and managing your investments to their full potential – of course!
  • And much, much more…

separatorThe Genesis Of Successsteve1

It’s my pleasure to introduce you to our new’s Property Apprenticeship – a project that’s consumed three years of my life and has resulted in what I believe is the most comprehensive property investing resource ever created.’s Property Apprenticeship began with a vision born from this question: “Steve, with the benefit of hindsight, what do you wish you had access to that would have propelled you to greater success, sooner?”

My answer: “Rather than making it up as I went along (which was both expensive and time consuming), had I had access to credible, practical and structured training – delivered by an expert with proven real life experience – then I would have been able to buy more property, achieved higher profits and taken fewer risks.”

“Where can I find such a course?”, I was asked.

Sadly, I could not provide an answer. Sure, there were (and are) plenty of seminars and courses… some good, some not. But none spanned the entire property investing process – from planning to analysing, to buying, to managing, to selling – or focused on developing the specific competencies needed to foster and ultimately deliver superior investing proficiency. Until now, that is.


Introducing Steve Mcknight’s Property Investor Training

You may be wondering what makes’s Property Apprenticeship Australia’s ‘best’ investor training.
Well, here are four good reasons:

1. Comprehensive Skills Based Training & Assessment

Aside from the detailed course content, participants must successfully complete practical assessment tasks to demonstrate their competency and prove that they ‘have what it takes’ to succeed in the real world.

The course is broken up into 65 sessions across six modules:

  • Module 1: Planning and Goal-Setting                         (Sessions 1 to 6)
  • Module 2: Investment Strategy                                    (Sessions 7 to 18)
  • Module 3: Analysis, Buying and Financing                (Sessions 19 to 43)
  • Module 4: Managing and Reporting on Property  (Sessions 44 to 57)
  • Module 5: Investment Evaluation and Selling          (Sessions 58 to 65)
  • Module 6: Occupational Health & Safety

Purposefully, the course content has been structured and written so the reader gains a thorough understanding of the entire property transaction: from planning to analysis, to buying, to managing and ultimately selling – which is essential for sustained investing success.


2. Personal Training Liaison & Peer-To-Peer Support

You’ll receive access to your very own dedicated training liaison who is able to offer the necessary support and assistance with any questions you may have with the course or assessment modules.

Furthermore, you’ll also be able access peer-to-peer support via the exclusive forum boards at our member-only training portal:


3. Free Lifetime Graduate Alumni

Having completed the course you will be entered into our ‘Honours Roll’ and will be provided with free lifetime access to our member portal ensuring you have ongoing unlimited admission to the valuable forums and other investor resources published on


4. Great Bonuses…

While you’re completing your Steve McKnight’s Property Apprenticeship, you’ll receive two free tickets to’s bi-annual live market updates.

Furthermore, you’ll also receive free access to our highly acclaimed MasterClass Starter and MasterClass Advanced e-packs.

What’s In The Course?

To ensure you can learn in your time and at your own pace, the course follows a ‘supported self-study format’ that includes:

Comprehensive Written
Course Materials
You’ll receive your very own ‘Apprentice Manual’ – a thorough and detailed folder that contains 65 written lessons split across six modules.In my opinion the material in the folder is the most thorough and conclusive manuscript on successful property investing ever written. It combines the theory you need to know with the practical lessons I’ve picked up over the last fifteen years investing in real estate.



We don’t just want you to read the material… we want you to be able to apply it, and by doing so, demonstrate that you are a competent and capable investor.
That’s why at the end of each module you’ll be asked to download and submit the formal assessment tasks. It might sound daunting, but in reality it’s our opportunity to build your confidence by identifying your strengths, and also working with you to boost up the areas you need more help with.

Competency Based
Assessment Tasks



Support When &
How You Need It
As often as you need it, my team and I will be ready to help you to understand the course material and assessment tasks. Don’t understand something – no problem, talk it over with us and we’ll make sure you do!
Furthermore, you also have access to the network of everyone else who is progressing through their Property Apprenticeship too via our online training portal



All of our course participants continue as part of the Property Apprenticeship community for life. You’ll never lose access to the online learning section, and you’ll always be connected with a network of other investors around Australia to help you stay encouraged and engaged in the investing process. Many have said that this is one of the most valuable benefits of the course.



 What Our Students Say About The Course…

Watch this short video to find out what our students think about the course:


Realistic Outcomes

Graduating property

will experience:
Increased focus and clarity
Investing will no longer be a confusing mystery. Instead you will have clear direction as to your wealth creation goals, and a real estate based system that will see you achieving them.

Improved confidence

It’s simply not possible to complete this course and not emerge with substantially more confidence: both in yourself and your own ability, and in knowing how to move forward with certainty.

Superior Investing Skill

The more skill you acquire, the more avenues you have to make superior profits. As such, after completing this course and applying its contents, it’s reasonable to expect that (compared to your ability when starting the course), you’ll find more opportunities to profit, and derive higher returns from your property investing.

Greater Respect, Influence & Legacy

Graduates will also experience greater respect from friends, family and colleagues – not only from increased knowledge but also from the improved results they can expect to achieve over time. More respect will lead to increased influence, and ultimately the ability to create a legacy for others: the next generation, the community, the unfortunate, etc.

Who Would Benefit Best The Most From This Training?

Property-Apprentice-Artwork-Folder-3d23Considering what’s covered and included, this course should be mandatory for everyone who owns, or is thinking about owning, investment property.

Why? Because the consequences of investing without the skills and knowledge you’ll acquire as one of’s ‘qualified’ property apprentices can be financially disastrous.

Would you be confident putting hundreds of thousands of dollars of your hard-earned money in the hands of a financial adviser who hadn’t ever been properly trained? I doubt it!

But that’s exactly what you’re doing when you buy real estate without proper expert training.

Given it’s so easy to make expensive mistakes, surely you see the sense in investing a small amount in your own education before investing a lot buying an investment property.

And if you’ve jumped the gun and bought already and now wish you had been professionally trained first – you especially need the training so you can ‘reapply’ the knowledge to your portfolio as soon as possible.

Time & Money Needed To Beginclock_256

While you have up to two years to complete the training, for those who want to fast track their success, if you can contribute an average of 45 minutes a day, four days a week, then you’ll be on track to finish within 12 months.

As this is structured training, you don’t need any investment capital to begin with (other than the cost of the course).


My Guarantee Of Successaccred-image-680x1024222

I’m so certain this course will deliver the skills you need for success that I’m willing to make this promise: if after successfully completing the training you don’t agree that you’re a substantially more skilled, capable and confident investor then I’ll happily refund everything you paid.

Determining whether or not you are substantially more skilled, capable and confident is entirely at your discretion. All I ask is that you evidence your opinion in writing by sending me your honest feedback on how to improve the course.


What’s The Cost?

Traditional tertiary education courses can cost $10,000’s, and still leave you without the practical skills to use what you learn immediately.Paper-Money-256

But this course is different – not only because it helps you to build practical skills and confidence as an investor, but also because it doesn’t cost as much as many other lesser courses.

You can either pay a lump sum of $8,995, or if it’s more convenient, lesser amounts over time via an instalment plan (details of which are available on request).

At first glance this may seem like a lot, but when you consider you’ll receive a full year’s training with dedicated expert support – including free lifetime alumni access, PLUS vastly enhanced investing skill and ability, it’s a small investment compared to what you stand to make from your investing.

It shouldn’t take long to make back your investment many times over – either on your next property purchase or though improved management of an existing investment.


How To Enrol

Whether you’ve already made the decision to enrol and want to dive right in, or if you still need some questions answered first, I thoroughly recommend that you talk to my Property Apprentice coach, Jason Staggers before taking the next step.

How do you get in touch with Jason? Simply schedule an appointment with him by clicking the link below. You’ll be asked some questions first so that Jason will be more familiar with your current investing situation and can therefore come more prepared for your discussion.

Don’t let this opportunity pass you by.

Thank you for your time.


Steve McKnight

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