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  • it can be done but you must have alot of patients and time.I like to lease out to only international students or international working visa.avoid the local centrelink mobs, they are always trouble and especially those that asks too much question, thinking they know the laws and their rights… etc

  • if that is your combined salary, very possible to reach your goal… i would suggest you first invest yourself in a few property investment books and have a read and understanding of some of the strategy, find and speak to family members, friends… etc who have succeeded in property investing and get some tips. If I was in your shoe, I would be…[Read more]

  • You got some pretty good goals there… not impossible if you are living at home but is still very hard to attain… unless, you and your partner have super high salary… if combined salary of less than 100k a year, i would think this is hard to reach, especially by the age of 30….you will need to do alot of your own research and find ways to…[Read more]

  • Why I think NG will not be abolished right away.- House prices will drop, meaning less tax for government and councils- Bank will not lend up money when the market is dropping, making it extra hard for finance- Rent will rise and less property for rent- Less disposible income for investors, means less spending and that would mean no mangers will…[Read more]

  • After I purchased my proprety, I'd request for a residex report on the house and it wasn't accurate at all… At the time I'd purchased the house for $475k (got it dirt cheap), council valuation was $450k and bank valuation was surprisingly $520k to $580k…  and my valuation at the time was around 550k to 600k… residex price estimate was $…[Read more]

  • bought a house in sep 09 for $475k (6 bedroom + 2 bathroom + 2 toilets) and an older house to ours just sold 2 months ago 4x house down from ours, same block size and ready for demolishing for town houses sold for $706k. contract was done up for 1 year settlement!!! no interest paid, while we watch our house grew in value!had at least 67% in…[Read more]

  • zeable replied to the topic First home buyer in the forum Help Needed! 11 years, 1 month ago

    Hi,Got a friend who lives in Point Cook in victoria and she said it is not a bad place to live. 15 min drives to the beach and is a nearly developing suburb. Only problem is that there isn't the infrastructure setup around those area of the western side, the roads get congested often and alot of FHOG buyers in the area. Prices might fluctuate…[Read more]

  • Hi,Since the age of 21, I've always wanted to own my own house because of all the talks from my family about how house prices used to be so cheap (around year 2003). Especially, how they spoke about prices almost doubling etc… I was still studying at Tafe and in 2004 I'd finished my diploma and started working in the city for a measily 34k…[Read more]

  • Hi,I've read that it is a very bad investment, due to below reasons:Firstly ask yourself, have you ever tried reversing your car into a peak hour traffic main road? If not, maybe give it a go first…Secondly, real estate agents like to book inspection appointments for sale houses on main road during off peak hours, so make sure you drive by…[Read more]

  • Hey,I had a quote for $5000 for restumping my house, then I'd asked my tradie friend who works with restumping people and said it is a waste of money, "you could do it yourself for less than $500!". So I got down and dirty, crawled under my house… he used one of those water ruler thing to check where the house is slanting (bubble needs to be i…[Read more]

  • Thanks for the tip Terry, I'll definitely give that one a go! hahaRegards,Zeable

  • Hi Terry,The bank told me that they cannot link my partner's account to mine and was told that the only way is to have me also listed into the title as well.Even if I've agreed to sign the new loan under both our names, we will not have the additional discounts on all loans from the wealth package, unless the title had been changed with both…[Read more]

  • Thanks guys,No, we are not yet married, just de facto relationship.JacM,Reason why we are doing this because I have 2 property listed under my name and I wanted to bring my partner's property over from wespac to commonwealth bank, so we can benefit from the wealth package. It would reduce interest rate on all three of our loans. Thanks everyone…[Read more]

  • you should look around at child care costs and get an idea if you intend for your wife to go back to work. Someone who worked in my place earns approx $35k and she said it almost break even with child care costs… so she lefted work to be a stay at home mum instead.i think the best move right now is to put ur money into other investment like…[Read more]

  • Hi,If your cash flow is pretty tight, I would believe it would be risky for you to jump into the housing market. Why not invest the 30k in the sharemarket or other means?

  • Hi Smart Investor,The main question you want to ask yourself is, what can you afford? If you are financially fit to buy a house, then I would suggest buy a house, instead of a unit due to the reasons outlined by globaltraveller.Especially, how you made your point, that you wanted to hold it was approx 10 years. Buying a house is definitely the…[Read more]

  • Hi Libra,If you can self manage your own house, that would be great because you avoid all the fees but u will have to deal with all the problems. If you have bad tenents, you may need to attend court hearings… etc it all depends on how much time you have on your hands.

  • Hi Wazzie,We purchased a house from an elderly couple last year Sep 2009 and the settlement terms was suppose to be 90 days unconditional contract. After 60 days into the contract, the vendor requested through the RE agent if they can rent out their house from us and I thought it was strange, so I got the elderly couple's number from the whi…[Read more]

  • If you are looking for capital gains, another idea would be, if you look for someone else to jointly purchase a IP with you. You buy a house in the outer suburb for approx $300k to $400k.  Rental yield should be higher and you can together pay it off quicker but then again risk is also abit higher, in that you'll need to find someone who is t…[Read more]

  • zeable replied to the topic Auction Rules in the forum Help Needed! 11 years, 6 months ago

    Hi vinaysalia,You can just rock up and bid but I would suggest u take a walk with the agent through the house first. Just remember to not get too emotional and have a limit on what is your maximum u are willing to pay before the auction and prepare to walk away. David

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