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  • A few thoughts come to mind:

    It helps to be committed to what you are trying to achieve for yourself. If you're unsure then any resistence will easily unsettle, and you may even feel that you are now wrong.

    Be open to learning. If you accept that they may not know how to express their feedback in a constructive way (by perhaps coming across as…[Read more]

  • Freckles advice is great!


    I only have 2 points to make:

    Your friends may very well become incredibly successful in this brewery. But that is NO GUARANTEE that you can make money from it.

    You are using phrases like "not fair", "being taken advantage of,"  "beyond hope" etc. This isn't investment language.

  • Hmm… gum just reminds me of teeth and dental hygeine. Of the description you gave, the most visually appealing word was FOREST. You mentioned open spaces, which also relaxes a person. What about taking advantage of the fact that it will have state forest access, with all it's open spaces…

    ideas like FOREST SKY…
    or the opening in a forest is…[Read more]

  • Hi Sunny,
    Your logic has a good foundation if you are indeed going to be here for another 10 years before moving overseas. However, if there is a chance that you may have to move sooner, would you still be better off? If you moved in 3 years I would think not. So perhaps something worth considering…

  • Qlds007 wrote:
    Zan that is not quite correct.

    With some lenders even at 95% lvr it is a full pre-approval one that the mortgage insurer has signed off on and is only subject to a valuation on the property being purchased and final sign off.

    The CRAA, income and savings verification have all been done.

    Yes, you are correct. you can count on…[Read more]

  • At 95% you'll be paying LMI which in reality means the pre-approval isn't worth much. LMI providers are substantially more particular about the details of the person and the asset they are securing than the banks are. Pre-approval in this case should simply be considered a guide.

  • Hi Coach,

    Sounds like you're going to have trouble getting the job done cheaply. The indicator is how many people are willing to quote. Usually when there's plenty of work on, tradies won't quote jobs they don't want to do and will just focus on the easy jobs. For those that can be bothered quoting even though they don't want to do it, the quote…[Read more]

  • JacM wrote:
    Sounds like this tenant is going to be a nuisance, always asking for more facilities and not paying more rent.  Maybe the tenant needs to be changed instead ! 

    I was thinking along the same lines.

    dgirl, although your intentions are good, it's really important how you manage the tenant/owner/PM relationship. When you have worked…[Read more]

  • I've been reading this thread as it has unfolded and perhaps I am being a little simple but it appears that the only reason for transferring the home to the wife is to take advantage of her tax free threshold. But if I follow the money I don't see the profits that you are trying to save tax on…
    The house is currently your PPOR – no income
    when…[Read more]

  • Is anyone concerned that mass accommodation camps will reduce demand and affect the market in very quick and drastic…[Read more]

  • Zanshibui replied to the topic buy, renovate and sell in the forum Help Needed! 9 years ago

    Skills as a chippie coupled with investing knowledge will make you a force to be reckoned with!

    I  think it will be key for you to learn how to do the figures on deals first. My dads a builder and there is no shortage of stories about guys who are great with the tools losing money because they didn't know how to work the figures other than…[Read more]

  • Hi Scott,
    Unfortunately I don't have any answers, however I do think you should go back over your figures, especially since you're looking at a monthly shortfall. As well as bank repayments you'll need to factor rates, landlord insurance, building insurance, maintenance allowance, real estate management costs etc etc, which will bring the…[Read more]

  • The real question here is not so much whether you can issue a Form 11, but what you hope to get out of doing so.

    A Form 11 is not much more than a formality on the road to legal proceedings. You should probably know that issuing a Form 11 to bring the rent up to date does nothing to bring the rent up to date. The tenant either has the capacity…[Read more]

  • If in doubt, do the math! Ask him to present you with a real opportunity that you can independently evaluate. Buying through his company because he says you should sounds more like gambling than investing to me. And when you do your sums don't forget to add his companies fees in to your equations…I don't imagine he's offering to do this for…[Read more]


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