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  • Your monthly repayment consists of two components.

    Component 1: This is the principal part of the payment. The principal is the portion of the loan that directly reduces the original amount you borrow.

    Component 2: his portion pays of the interest that has been added to your loan.

    The ratio is which these components are paid off will vary with…[Read more]

  • Thanks Number 8, I’ll get some info together and give you guys a call.

    Having re-read my last post it’s pretty unclear, I was after the accountant for tax purposes really and then to chat to a FA with regards to the other issues.

    I see from your site that seem to cover these aspects. Where abouts are you based?

  • Can anyone recommend a good accountant in the Newcastle or Port Stephens area? I need to have a chat about my plans and get some advice additional assistance with structuring of loans.

  • You make some good points, but the population is still growing, and they have to live somewhere. there is only so long you can stay with your parents before you have to rent or buy.

    Maybe the future growth will be in CF+ properties and less capital growth, either way, there will be a market somewhere, it’s just finding it.

  • I’d considered how worthwhile these seminars are and how to evaluate which ones will be beneficial and which ones are selling snake oil. I’ve learned from experience over the years that expensive doesn’t mean better, and on that basis I’d consider paying $50 to go to a seminar and learn the basics (which I believe I’m gripping having researched…[Read more]

  • TCLinvestments wrote:
    My Goodness, all these wealthy people not spending their cash!! It sorta makes me feel guilty about buying a new car back in May 09, 50% rebate encouraged me to upgrade. Toytoa camry, touring, cost me 30k. Yes, a car's purpose is to get from point A to point B, and yes, the money is better spent on investing and apreciating…[Read more]

  • William – I’m new to all this and have been looking at the market myself to try and familiarize myself with what’s available and I’ve come to the same conclusion as you…..well almost.

    It appears that you’ve read Steve’s book and have had a quick look on the internet and amazingly didn’t find a property advertised that will actually make you…[Read more]


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