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  • Hello Brent thanks for the reply I was beginning to think nobody wanted to talk to me. Great Ill keep building up the stars.


    Hey willrogers,

    You got it in one – the more posts you make, the more stars you get. [:)]

    They also change colour, and you get a different ‘forum rank’ as you make more posts.

    I’m not sure whether it will…

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  • Sounds like a great idea to me but how do you get them to do the refinancing?

    Refinancing with a US Bank with lower US rates ?

    Just wondering if this might be possible, considering that the US interest rates are much lower than ours ! [?]

  • Hello Stu, just had a look at your website looks good. Already got some good info from it
    Thanks Will

    I have got a client that owns 19 properties and her average yield is 11%. [:)]
    I would like to have her portfolio. [:)]

    I just takes a lot of pounding the pavement (for which I have little time at the moment [:(]).



    Property &…

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  • Hello Scott, Ive just started looking for advice and found this site and then your email. I jointly purchased a Commercial building in Hobart last year. We have it on interest only payments and have no problems paying these installments. The property has 11 ground floor shops and they are all rented out. I am looking to develop the 2 upper floors…[Read more]


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