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  • Scott No Mates wrote:
    AS wian indicates, units are the only choice in many  parts of the world, planners in Aus are pushing that way. When the realisation hits that it is cheaper to live in/around the cbd, not to commute (by car) and that entertainment is at your doorstep – then the pros of city living will boost capital appreciation. As per…[Read more]

  • Scamp wrote:
    yep , me too, positive about the sharemarkets in the future. Much more money to be made on shares than on property. Renting and investing is a much better option than buying a property. Why lose 50K a year and even more on capital losses, if you can make 100K a year with the same investment ?Doesn't make a lot of sense to me. I'd…[Read more]

  • wian replied to the topic Black Friday in the forum General Property 14 years, 3 months ago

    hbbehrendorff wrote:
    Actually wise words in the post above,   I have had many people say how can you judge whats going to happen in the future by the past,  Well I say to those people,  Obviouslly you have not studied history enough or you would not be saying that.True we have many resources within australia,  But like I said in a previous post…[Read more]

  • I think you need to stop watching Australian Idol and do some serious research into History and non mainstream media and current events to get a proper perspective as to what is really going on.[/quote] trust me , i hate australian idol !  hehe !oh well, you come into the world with nothing, you leave with nothing, so i dont really worry about it…[Read more]

  • i wish i understood shares : (i dont seem to have the time to really understand it fully , so i would rather invest in property…However, i know at the moment you could probably make a shit load of money in shares if given the correct advice on what to buyAny thoughts?Wian

  • ajayayyar wrote:
    Hi petrona – thanks for the info.Regarding the reduced capital appreciation potential, do you know roughly how much percentage lower than regular house appreciation the growth rate would be?Regards,Ajay

    How longs a piece of string?Fact is, no one knows .  I personally think that Australia is behind the rest of the world with…[Read more]

  • it amazes me the scare tactics the media and others go on about, painting all this doom and gloom rubbish.  the fact is , no one knows whats going to happen.  and i would think that once it all settles down, i am sure the prices will correct themselves a bit, but they wont crash.  If anything, people will pulltheir money out of shares and put it…[Read more]

  • another thought – why dont they make the bonus grant payable on the day of settlement  for yr property- not the day you signed the contract?cheers

  • bardon wrote:
    still a goer but wait fellow tax payer is this moral ?

    Hehe ! i love the irony in this comment !  There are only 2 certainties in life – Death and Taxes !  hehe !  I personally dont think that stamp duty is moral – ( Especially in Victoria ) my situation is that i signed the contract 2 weeks ago, and the form has been lodged wi…[Read more]

  • is there any way you can legally change the date of the contract if you havent settled yet?  Also, does this grant apply for the settlement date, or the date you put down yr 10% deposit ?cheers

  • man ! that sucks !  I signed a contract 2 weeks ago !Surely they could have back dated it to include contracts for this financial year !  This is biased against people who have bought first properties already !This ucks !Cheerswian


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