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  • Paul.

    Thanks I’ll check it out (The illusion).

    By the way Ive learnt more over the last 50 yrs from the UNQUALIFIED than I have from the QUALIFIED.

    Its the pretentiousness of those who present themselves as something they arnet that gets up my nose.(Its a personal thing).
    Anyway now thats cleared up I’ll continue reading your…[Read more]

  • Crashy.

    Clever illusion.

    Your not alone 90% of the Financial Planning fraternity are nothing more than glorified insurance salesmen restricted to the mother company and the products carried holding their authority.(Not a licience an authority,clever again).

    You know and I know that this little illusion works well.

    Hi Im Joe Bloggs and Im not a…[Read more]

  • “”At last…the truth about covered calls!””

    You write calls on your stock if your long term bullish and short term bearish.

    Its not a money making ploy its a hedging stratagy—-a risk minimisation tool.
    a clearer understanding of option use and deployment maybe best.

    Read David Caplan
    “The New options advantage” if your keen.

    Humans are the…[Read more]

  • techa replied to the topic Scam or No Scam? What to do? in the forum Help Needed! 15 years ago

    You have the right of refusal to the offer.

    If your confident of your report or a 3rd report varifies your initial report then I think youll know what to do!

    The purchaser also knows what he is prepared to pay and he maybe a keen negotiator!

    You could do a subject to a 3rd independant report by X period say 21 days.If X then this price if Y…[Read more]

  • Crashy.

    After giving you a bit of a rap Im now a little confused.

    On your site you state.

    {{My name is Paul Crewther, I am a qualified Financial Advisor based in Brisbane.}}

    And your Site Disclaimer states.

    {{Disclaimer – This site contains educational information only. The author cannot guarantee that all information is complete or accurate.…[Read more]

  • Crashy.

    You may know I have basically no time for Financial Planners,purely because 90% of them are attempting to be as wealthy as their clients.

    You at least appear to be ‘Out of the Square’.Ill have a good read of your site when time allows.
    (youd think at 3 in the morning Id have time!!)


    Humans are the DUMBEST of creatures.
    They do…[Read more]

  • techa replied to the topic Whats Better in the forum General Property 15 years ago

    Depends on the context of the question,and ones veiw.

    An example you will relate to.

    Whats better a WRX or an S2000?

    “Often the result you will recieve will be proportional to the effort you put in!”


    Humans are the DUMBEST of creatures.
    They do the same thing day in day out and expect a DIFFERENT result.

  • SIS.

    Thanks for the generous offer.Im in Adelaide.

    Just a couple of comments.
    (1) BHP gapped down on Wednesday
    (2) BHP gapped again today.

    Your not seriously suggesting that due to a fibonacci (Note the spelling!)level falling at around $14 that THIS WAS the reason for the fall!!,and as such made the fall predictive!

    SIS,I and every fund…[Read more]

  • Wayne.

    I used to be early 20s once and remember wanting the world to be impressed with my endeavors.
    SIS doesnt yet realise that the best accolades are those that arnet solicited.

    Just a quick tally of SIS’s value of positions puts his current holdings at around $300/350,000 from what Ive seen thats well above his net worth!

    While I have no…[Read more]

  • Sis.

    By all means post the results.
    I can keep an eye on them at the office.

    Just a one thing.

    Could you post your total contract holdings on each option, so I can just do a little spread sheet to watch.

    Muchly make it easier.

    Humans are the DUMBEST of creatures.
    They do the same thing day in day out and expect a DIFFERENT result.

  • Phil.

    Im not questioning SIS motivation(Over 2700 Posts) or desire just his current claims.
    Particularly when I see claims of Near enough to nought to $250K+ in a matter of months from trading.

    Substantiated Trading accounts would see me posting a full public apology,but somehow I think I wont be doing this.

    (He with biggest mouth usually has…[Read more]

  • {{i set my first goal this year, to be trading around $100k, within a few months i reached this target, i set my new trading target of $250k and have reached that and more, my next goal by early march – may, next year, is to be trading $500k plus by then..}}

    I often find that claims like that made above are generally fanciful.Probably 1 in 1…[Read more]

  • Been a while since this thread started.So looks like most ideas have come out.

    Some touched on what I believe to be the only way to achieve whatever financial goals you have.

    In summary.
    (1)You need to be in the position to secure and use other peoples money.

    (2)This will give you the LEVERAGE you need.

    (3)You need to COMPOUND profits this…[Read more]

  • Ok.

    Youve,basically picked 2.
    The second being liquidate some of your IPs and freehold as many as you can.Having 2 freehold now Im selling 2 more and freeholding one other.leaving then 6 of which 3 will be F/H.
    This frees up capital if required for some bargains/alternate investments and limits exposure.

    The 3rd is allocating some funds to…[Read more]

  • 27% Well Im 50 and cant ever remember 27% 18 yes.

    You can borrow off shore $$s.
    Exchange rates can be the killer.
    If the USD tanks then you win.
    If the A$ tanks you lose.
    As did 1000s of Australians who took up the Westpac offer years ago.

    Westpac still arrange off shore loans Im told.

    Why wouldnt you lock down a 5 yrs loan when…[Read more]

  • Firstly.
    My comments werent personal mearly a general observation.

    Lets take a 2mill portfolio of which one owes 900K.A 1 % rise = approx $9k a year.
    3% = $27K and heaven forbid 5% = $45K or $850/week.
    Now even $525/week for Mr and or Mrs above average would be difficult.

    I was interested to hear from the Market Sauvve like yourself Jo.Often…[Read more]

  • Locking down–fixing interest.

    Yes I do agree that 10% is unlikely in the forseeable future.

    Rates are used to slow down spending and that seems in the short term to be under control.

    While I do expect some increase I think it will be gradual rather than a spike.

    But from the replies here there seems to be very few with any number of IPs OR…[Read more]

  • techa replied to the topic Direct Debit in the forum No Subject 15 years ago

    We just do it ourselves and have tennets direct debited from their account.
    We have each coded so we can trace payments.
    Works fine (we have 8 tennent)and we check once a week.
    Can see those who need a visit very quickly.
    As our response time is like a Swat Team if there is non payment 99% of the time they toe the line.

    All is explained upon…[Read more]

  • Idea 407

    1900 number/s If you own a good one $$$$

  • techa replied to the topic Confession time in the forum No Subject 15 years ago

    Every now and then we get a great bargain.

    Great position, high demand,LOW MAINTENANCE and we take advantage of the POSITION.

    But on the other side of the coin there is a lot of “Dogs” out there.

    Get one and it will cost you.

    PS happily married and princess looks after the IP’s tennents and Short termers in our apartments.
    So Im not a…[Read more]

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