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  • Yip your right
    The ones I have come across have lied through their back teeth, conned every one they come across I.e. Contractors
    And then have gone broke
    A typical person in this category is very excitable runs around a lot looking busy, but doing nothing, can be very friendly & engaging looking to earn lots of money with no real effort…[Read more]

  • Terry posted an update 5 years, 12 months ago

    @Terryw Setting up a cheap online trust can also cost you more, much more because of errors, wrong terms, wrong party in the wrong place etc.

    Hello Terryw
    So what wording should a trust have if it was to own, sell, hold, property, borrow money to purchase property, distribute funds, add remove benifiicaries as required, work under a company…[Read more]

  • Terry‘s profile was updated 5 years, 12 months ago

  • Terry‘s profile was updated 5 years, 12 months ago

  • Thanks for the replies

    When I meant sell discreetly I meant quietly sell the property with out the signs and tramping feet of busy buyers and real estate agents
    I made the mistake of doing the deal in my name
    Borrowed 300k total cost to build 440k value 450k rent anualy is $20,800 or $400 per week rental manager 9% rates & insurance $2,500 per…[Read more]

  • Hi there every one
    A little about myself
    I am a trade qualified painter decorator, licensed/ trade qualified carpenter licensed builder
    I had a bit of money so I built a very nice house for the sole purpose of on selling or the backup plan was to rent it out. it is purely an investment
    Well, it did not sell, (right house wrong location, or…[Read more]

  • Robinson replied to the topic Renovations in the forum Value Adding 6 years ago

    hi there
    I take it as a given that you have a great property manager and that you trust them. RIGHT?
    a great property manager will have trades that work for them on a contestant basis, get them to do the work for you
    why would you want to take a week of work, loss of income, meals, accommodation, +++++
    at the beginning, during and at the end…[Read more]

  • depends on the property
    if all it needs is a quick coat of paint because you are going to bulldozer it next year hire a spray unit and paint it all one color because it wont matter
    if it requires any form of quality unless you are an experienced painter get a tradesman you’ll save your self time and money
    and a whole lot of heart ache

    also…[Read more]

  • hi there
    it may not be a licensed “trade” but it would come under some form of licences or registration as singularly it is the most important part of the construction to keep water out, it would pay to check with the local building authority, you may also require a permit from the local shire or council, other wise you as the owner could be liable

  • Hi there
    How did you end up in this position ?

  • Terry became a registered member 6 years ago


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