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  • Stephanie replied to the topic Opinions Please in the forum No Subject 16 years, 7 months ago

    If you aren’t happy handing over >$1k/month to your landlady, could you get a new one and pay less?? Moving is rarely considered fun, but savings may be worth it.
    Just a thought

  • Hi guys,

    transporters ARE a possibility in the location.

    My first contacts were with (2) transportable companies and.., well, they are what encouraged me to perservere with the concreter, as $$ estimates not much different for what appeared to be a superior product.

    This is a nice, LOCAL link and the aesthetics of finished houses AREN’T the…[Read more]

  • Thanks John!!

    They are the benefits I see also.

    The project builders are my next call! Coordinating contractors and getting quotes has been a little painful. I’d not considered AV Jenning etc as the location is in SA and not exactly metropolitan. The worst they can say is, “No” and I ring the concretor again (or get quote for a framed floor as…[Read more]

  • Sooshie and Michael – Nice work.

    Balance DOES seem to be the key. If no one receives, no one can enjoy the experience of giving.

    This is a bit long, but a favourite.

    “I have always had a dream that when I am asked to give an accounting of my life to a higher court, it will go like this: ‘Empty your pockets. What have you got left of your…[Read more]

  • As above..
    If it is such a lovely area that has seen significant cap. gain, Are you charging BELOW market rental now?? Have you considered a paintjob?, new curtains, offering a new washing machine for rent increase? Just some new questions for you..

  • Omitted info from above post….
    My understanding of the situation is that as part of the contract, the party taking over the mortgage has a claim
    (caveat/encumberance?? apologies for linguistic limitation)
    placed on title after the original party is paid out. Sale usually negotiated on terms of $100K, $35k cash to vendor and take over $75K debt,…[Read more]

  • I know this is v. common in US, but also under impression oz lenders hate it. My father investigated this ~5yrs ago, so my info is dated. ATTN mortgage brokers, is there info you can contribute??

  • Hi Matt,

    3 properties available in close succession may not mean anything. I bought a place (1/6) and three other properties in the block also sold around the same time (4months).

    Just wanted you to know it’s not unheard of. High capital growth spurred on at least 2 of the sales….(and has continued), but each vendor had different reasons for…[Read more]

  • …. I was hoping to find glowing testamonials… I don’t want to be told to focus on my “real” job either. That’s not the type of advice I’m happy to pay for!!


  • Beach front “expensive” compared to i) “what it used to be” and ii) for rental return compared to equivalent property thats NOT beachside.

    Nice to see other Adelaide investors identified on forum. [:D]Also made me smirk to see another ex-science property enthusiast. The whims of funding bodies began creating concerns for me 12 months into…[Read more]

  • Check with Lands/Titles office or relevant body in your state so that your “vendor” isn’t trying to sell somthing they don’t own.
    I’d suggest having your solicitor draw contract of sale and hold the deposit in trust. This keeps it legal, easy to trace and fair for everyone.
    My first and only property so far was never officially “on the market”,…[Read more]

  • my personal $$ saving favourite from Uni was to shop an hour before closing.. especially on weekends, – cheap meat, bread etc and here in Adelaide alot of supermarkets don’t trade Sunday so you get vegies also – even if you can’t get to the markets..

  • Hi
    Can’t help feeling surprised that alot of people miss the point that the property MARKET is subject to MARKET forces!! Thanks Peter for your contribution. I am also extending my debt in the near future, but with awareness of factors that influence the MARKET and the level to which I am exposed to the market. As a novice investor, new…[Read more]


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