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  • No dwelling on the block is definately a problem, also the fact that we took a repayment holiday in January when our second child was born (feature of the current loan). CBA did not like it. However, new statement is coming through on the 31st Dec which will show up to date payments, etc. CBA is still on the cards at this point. Thanks so much for…[Read more]

  • Selling is definately an option and should it come to it this is what we will do. However, at this point we will not sell before we have to settle on the land, and we are having trouble getting approval for finance on the land, not the construction (due to the size of the land, no other reason). Time is our problem right now. Thanks for the suggestions!! :)

  • How is the quality of an IKEA kitchen though? In the past I have bought flat-pack furniture items which were always missing something or did not screw together right. I'm loathe to stuff around with bad quality pieces when a kitchen is a job that needs to be done in one hit.Anyone have any experience with a Bunnings kitchen? I'm fairly certain…[Read more]

  • Well we are still waiting on an answer from the mortgage insurers (who I am sure is GenWorth). We have also looked into using GE money and Wizard Home Loans, but both use GenWorth as their mortgage insurer.How long does an assessment by the MI normally take? Our papers were sent through to them on Monday and it's now Friday. We are getting really…[Read more]

  • We are trying to get the loan through Virgin and apparently they are happy with the figures and that it is only stalling at the mortgage insurers.Saw the accountant yesterday and she said the same thing – that non cash items and one-off expenses can be added back onto the income (which is great because a good chunk of my husbands deductions come…[Read more]

  • We have dealt with St George previously and were not at all happy with the service and length of time it took to finally get our loan rejected (5 weeks – the length our subject to finance clause stipulated). They are also incredibly inflexible in assessing individual circumstances (husband is a sub-contracted employee and therefore needs 2 years…[Read more]

  • I was considering the fixed interest option for the first few years of the loan. What are the disadvantages with this? Also, my mother-in-law's property is worth about $20,000 more than what we are paying for it. Are we able to use the difference between market value and agreed purchase price as a sort of deposit? I'm not sure what Payg…[Read more]


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