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  • Thanks benny!

    Yes I have the newest edition of the book, although I was mainly quoting from 0 to 260 properties.

    I’ve gone to reread chapter 9 and it makes more sense – debt held by the trust is not recorded against the guarantors financial record, hence he can ‘recycle’ his income by setting up new trust structures.

    One issue outstanding is…[Read more]

  • Thanks for that!

    I’m trying to understand Steve Mcknight’s comment in his book, that using a trust allows him to “leverage his income to increase his borrowing ability”.

    If the serviceability of a family trust is dependent upon the debt and income of the guarantor, how does this differ from taking out the loan in my own name? At the end of the…[Read more]

  • Hi all

    Thanks for the info. Due to the nature of my work (have to move alot) we’re not looking to get a PPOR.

    At this point would buying a property with a family trust make any difference or cause issues with serviceability?

    Understand that the main benefits right now are asset protection and tax structuring (for positive geared assets).


  • Thanks richard!

    Regarding this:

    I have read that taking a loan out in the name of a family trust maximises serviceability, as I don’ take on additional debt in my own name.

    However, does this still apply if I act as both the trustee and the guarantor?


  • Hi all

    I am after some advice on restructuring our loans to smoothen things out as we look to expand our IP portfolio, and would like to tap on the wisdom of this forum :)

    We currently have 1 IP – this is a 2BR Apartment being rented at 390/week. Purchased at 500k now with 300k left on the mortgage (estimated value now around 600k). This was…[Read more]

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