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Simon C

  • Simon C replied to the topic Conference 2017 in the forum Heads Up! 2 years, 2 months ago

    Hi Steve,

    Another awesome conference. Thanks so much for your generosity providing a great night at the gala dinner on Saturday night. It was great to be part of the video and hope the team remain safe and well in Florida. The three days were energising and cant wait to get started with STEPS. I met some great people to add to my network and…[Read more]

  • Simon C replied to the topic SMSF in the forum Help Needed! 5 years, 8 months ago

    Not sure of you personal circumstances and how close to retirement, but as a property investor and an SMSF truste , I am not sold on buying property via this method.

    This is just my view, based on my circumstances as I already have a number of properties outside SMSF, so have chosen a more balanced approach with CFD's, FX, shares, bonds, and some…[Read more]

  • Honestly, and many may disagree as they have had success, but most experts I follow suggest avoiding buying off the plan like the plague! I would never ever do it myself!  Here are some reasons I'd avoid it;

    1) No one has a crystal ball, so what you buy for today bares no reflection of the value tomorrow, It could be less if there is more supply…[Read more]

  • Case by case with the rent. Look at the market and comparable properties or discuss with current tenant to understand their circumstances. My tenant acually like to mow the extra grass as it keeps them fit. They are even continuing to do so, so I intend to send them a voucher as thanks.

  • Below are some thought I have. I have been investing in property for 20 years on any off and have used buy & hold. CF+, renovations to add more value than costs, completed a remote and locla renovations, relocated a house and completed a subdivision. Next I'd like to do a duplex or multi dwellgn site where I can make enought profit to retain one…[Read more]

  • Roaring about the dentist/WBC comment, how I can relate! SGB wanted my last three years tax returns to verify some personal rental income was really being declared! This after week 6. There were other streams and requests from the first week. My arguement,  why not ask for it all up front to save time. How can it be week 6 before you ask for th…[Read more]

  • Richard/TerryDo either of you find any lender has an understanding in this area that allows deals to flow? I am always being delayed with time consuming credit referals up to chain, before finally getting approved. It simply limited the deals I can do each year. Worst case was 11 weeks thru westpac in 2006. My latest deal thru SBG was approved…[Read more]

  • RichardThankyou, I think perhaps we need to catch up for now and the furture! Will speak to you MondayTracy, Thanks for the tip, I will certainly investigate that as a last option. CheersSimon

  • I use Westpac at the moment, and they do it, but they seem to have the same issue as ANZ with people not knowing their jobs. If you find a good bank with a good contact hold on to em! I am yet to find that but I have head good reports about StGeorge. I wont go into it but I do not recommend Westpac as their service has dropped of considerable. I…[Read more]

  • Personally, I'd keep renting and buy a number of IP's with a strategy to increase your wealth over th long term. You do not get any incentive tax wise with an PPOR. With the cash available you will have more chance of maximising your purchases using say 85% LVR loans without having to pay LMI. I am not sure what your strategies are e.g. buy…[Read more]

  • I am not sure of the numbers in the areas nor much about the infrastructure, rental demand and capital growth performance, in the past, and whats predicted for the future. I would suugest you compare to Ipswich and see how it stacks up. There is a lot going on in Ipswich if you talk to a lot of locals and the real estate agents. It also depend on…[Read more]

  • Well not bad 813, we know we are well on the way to where we want to be. Excellent little tool to give you another perspective. We've always keep a portfolio spreadsheet on our net worth as a way of measuring our success, and update this as things change. Obviously like the wealthscore you want it to be getting larger not smaller!CheersSimon

  • Hi Nathan I am an ex-Sydney sider havinf relocated to Bribane at the start of 2007. Still own property there, and keep a constant eye on the markert. I beleive the overall maket is showing signs of recovery, but is at the early stages. Some data is suggesting the action clearance rate has risen slightly and the average time a property is on the…[Read more]

  • Hi debbieIn the process of buying one there myself thru LJ Hookers. Dealing with Kate Burchell. They seem really professional and I will be having them manage it for me once I look to put a tenant in there. Needs a refurb first. CheersSimon

  • Hi lilyhutchI personaly believe it can prove to be a good investment, as well as resulting in a shorter development time once you have you council approval in place. With the relocation of the home, there are less steps in seeing the house actually on the land compared to building  from the ground up. However, its a case by case scenario if it is…[Read more]

  • Simon C replied to the topic Sunshine, Victoria in the forum Help Needed! 13 years, 1 month ago

    Hi Sarah,

    Rather than giving you a direct answer I think you do better if you come up with the answer to these questions yourself. I am not trying to be a smarty, but rather to suggest you go back to the start of the process in helping you decide the suburb and the area you’d like to buy into. To do that you will need very clear list of what you…[Read more]

  • Hi Sarah

    Great that you are able to move back in with your parents.

    You did not mention whether this loan was secured by anything i.e. a car, boat, something tangable. If you are really keen to get into the property market I can see you may want to keep additing to that 7k. I have some suggestions you might be able to consider.

    If not and you…[Read more]

  • They are around if you look. Here is one example I found doing a search. Wish I had some dollars, but in the midst of a subdivsion……one at a time :)

    On a 20% deposit this one is roughly a 20% gross return on your cash dep which is not too shabby. Have not taken into account rates or…[Read more]

  • Grant

    I have to say I am not fan of off the plan properties at all. This is just me as I think there is more potential for issues can arise.

    The Perth market as you know is going gang busters. Realistically its not going to continue at that pace forever.

    Look and compare what has happend in some other market. Not so long ago Sydney was flying…[Read more]

  • If you are trying to find the right accountant try the CPA web site and go to the “find a cpa” link at

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Simon C

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