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Simon D

  • Hi, Benney and BA(Buyer Agent),

    Thank for your comment and advise. both OTPs and small apartments are not our options. Actually for the highrise apartments, no matter what size it is, all have little land components. The reason we choose highrise is the view, a view is hard to find in other places, and also the location (central locations and…[Read more]

  • Simon D‘s profile was updated 1 year, 1 month ago

  • Recently i have good holiday in Goldcoast. We are really enjoying the time there. The apartment is relatively cheap comparing to Melbourne (where I live). I am also considering when retired, may spend the Winter there (for example 3 months) to avoid the Melbourne cold-wet weather.
    However, many people said that the apartment there is not increase…[Read more]

  • Interesting topics. At broker’s advice, about 7 years ago, I take the portfolio loan from bank of melbourne (line of credit), interest only loan but without any time limit. However, the charge is that you have to pay higher interest rates. I am thinking how can I reduce the interest rate with bank without change the structure.

  • Noticed the interest rate is creeping up, is it now the time to thinking about fixing the rate?
    Currently for investment home loan 4.44% for 2 year (bank of melbourne) is good deal?
    Currently I get portfolio loan with bank of Melbourne (advantage package), even I get 1.35% discount, however, my rate is still at 4.75% which I think it is a bit…[Read more]

Simon D

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