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  • Sorry about the above format, my ipad won’t allow me to go back and edit!

  • Hi there, i have just seen an old post for investing at Broken Hill, as I was also looking at BH for my next investment. I am from WA so it is my 1st time looking interstate.Can I get your thoughts people, on the following.i am considering and comparing investing here to perhaps that of a wa mining town – Karratha and surrounds? Any thoughts? It w…[Read more]

  • Thanks for that info, do you, or does anyone know of anyone in WA that is doing this sort of stuff?

  • Hi eVeryone
    i am currently getting together details of borrowing capacity to buy an investment and then try and sell with rent to buy/VF.
    i note above Tamara that you mention a JV. I am in WA, is there anyone out there willing to look at a JV, if so how would it work? I buy the property in my name, and then my JV partner finds a buyer and…[Read more]

  • Hi there, am glad this post has resurfaced, as I was also looking at BH for my next investment. I am from WA so it is my 1st time looking interstate.
    Can I get your thoughts people, on the following.
    i am considering and comparing investing here to perhaps that of a wa mining town – Karratha and surrounds? Any thoughts? It would also be a buy…[Read more]

  • Thanks Tracey, sorry I missed the post, I have been sick fit the last 3 weeks. I will check out your website to see if meeting dates are listed on there… If not, can you send me some details.
    Also do you know of any one in WA that does VF investing, as this is an area I am interested in.

  • Hi Paul, we paid 670K for the property, and have spent about 20K putting boundary fence, aircon upstairs and down, plus window treatments in some areas…
    We currently have approx. 270k equity based on that price..
    We bought 3 years ago… Look forward to some clarity.

  • Hi Paul, thanks for the offer to call you, I have been quite sick and trying to get over pneumonia…. Not good, but I will definitely call you when I am back on my feet.
    Thnx again

  • Just answered my own question regarding the JV split!! Having now read your negative2positive… So another question, I assume we have to go on today’s market prices, when looking at resale, even tho this is under what we paid for the house itself? How much can you add for resale to a new buyer under VF, as oppose to in a normal purchase…[Read more]

  • Me again, thank you for that feed back, I am motivated, but also realize there is more to it than just getting an offer, or coming up with the win win figures in the 1st place. I see that 1) I need an ACL as I understand it, I know I then need to find a lawyer to draw up the contract, find a tool or similar that will calculate interest payments,…[Read more]

  • Sandtrackers replied to the topic Rick Otton in the forum The Treasure Chest 10 years ago

    Hi Ryan, the massive pack, does this cover VF stuff, or wraps or similar, as I understood it was mainly lease options? If it does I am interested in it. I am in WA, where are you?

  • Thanks Paul, it seems I need a lot of experience in this field(that of controlling rather then buying property) in order to move into a cash flow positive life style? I think I am going to try again to sell our PPR and at least get our mortgage down some what. The trouble is, it didn’t sell at the beginning of the year so I am not holding my…[Read more]

  • Thanks for your thoughts Paul and Jason. I am serious about investing and my mind is boggling. My 1st step is to try and sell our PPR whilst we build a newer down sized PPR. If it doesn’t sell then I will look at selling using VF. Although this will still leave us with a big mortgage, yet with some +ve CF to assist. I then will look at my other…[Read more]

  • Thanks Sherry and JAson, glad I am in the right hands.!

    Now Paul, I am just a little confused, just a little mind you :).
    If I were to buy my next property on VF is it possible to still get +CF from it. I will already be paying higher than normal mortgage payments on it, so if I rent it out, I would have thought that it isn’t likely to return +ve…[Read more]

  • Thanks again Paul, seems we just have a 2 way forum going here :) .
    If I could get 1000 pm +CF on both, then that would hugely assist paying towards my mortgage on the newly built PPOR, the only other issue that I would then need to clarify, is where do I stand in obtaining my next IP, as I would not have a deposit for 1. I am happy to sit with just…[Read more]

  • Thanks Paul, I will hold onto the IP til closer to when the lease is due, and I may approach the tenants 1st. With our PPOR, I am looking at using 100k from it for our next house, and then using 50-70k for our next IP. However if I went VF with our PPOR I would need both that and our initial IP to bring me a reasonable +CF to sustain our new…[Read more]

  • Thanks again Paul for your help. I know you guys do JV deals.. Do you consider deals in Perth? My current investment has only had tenants in for 2 months on a 12 month contract. I was hoping to sell our ppr so we can reduce the debts on our next ppr which we are building. Our ppr is worth about 620 and our investment about 370 in today’s market.…[Read more]

  • Just another quick query on this issue too, I assume after a few houses you will not have much equity to continue purchasing, so how do you continue to get houses to offer a VF option?

  • Thanks for your information Paul.. Myself and partner have our own business so I can spend as much or as little time on this as possible. Our business is quite manually intensive, and I have always been interested in property as my #1 income, but have never done anything about it. I now want it to eventually replace our business income – however…[Read more]

  • Hi ThereCould you explain more about where you say the developer pays interest where the deposit funds are relaeased?  If we purchase an off the plan house/land package, where does this come in that the developer pays you interest? thanks

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