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  • when it comes to fronting up for a loan…its better to have a great bank manager than a great bank. I have a great repoire with my manager and would seriously follow her to a different bank if she changed. When you find a manager who invests and understands what your trying to achieve – dont let them disappear – woops …i should have said…[Read more]

  • Obi..your post reminded me of the visit my wifes Uncle from germany made to Oz a few years back. Im not stating this as fact but he told me that property rarely changes hands in Germany ..and I mean rarely – common apparently for generations to reside in the same residence and in addition he was saying that rents rarely go up. In fact my wifes…[Read more]

  • the almighty remote controlled garage door….i could sit for hours making it go up and down….but then im easily entertained

    “love the deal – like the property”

  • As for a pool… I’d pay less for a property with a pool rather than more.

    Not in Cairns ya wouldnt…Heee hee!!!

    “love the deal – like the property”

  • ummm…dont know about that surf beach but anyway….my point was is why PD has forged ahead when Innisfail has failed to develop at all really. Innisfail isnt close to Daintree etc but is very close to some very impressive rainforest areas just north/west of Innisfail and I believe there is currently a rainforest canopy walk tourist attraction…[Read more]

  • Maybe in the near future our IP’s will have to have things like remote control garage doors, security lights that light up as you pull into the driveway, burglar alarms and CCTV……sounds drastic but would these features command more rent than say a swimming pool?
    The whole gated thing has been a coastal occurence but I guess we will start to…[Read more]

  • Doom and Gloom in brisbane.( say the papers)….thanks for the tip….I’ll be checking out Brisbane for a bargain then

    “love the deal – like the property”

  • assuming the buyer wouldnt pay the higher price, if the agent has managed to pull a deal together to which both parties are happy, is that not in the interests of the vendor?

    This is in the interests of the agent !!

    lettign a house not sell because it is over priced seems to be in nobodies interests.

    If you overprice you house you will get very…[Read more]

  • Hi Richard

    Im based in Cairns with IPs in Cairns and Maryborough Q


    “love the deal – like the property”

  • I have a permanent twitch in my right eye and often wake up screaming at night after removing wallpaper from an old property I owned……..try the wallpaper steamer and if that doesent work …burn the house down to the ground…if your insurance assessor has ever removed wallpaper you will recieve a full payout same day.

    ( this advise is…[Read more]

  • I too looked for a mentor for a long time until I realised that I was letting my fear of ‘ going alone’ keep me within the ‘safe’ confines of doing nothing. Your books, this forum and your own personal investing mind can be the mentor that never leaves your side. I hope you find the person that I failed to find but if you dont…make sure you dont…[Read more]

  • rumbiz replied to the topic Units in US in the forum No Subject 17 years, 9 months ago

    Hi Guys

    Just a thought about Buffalo as I too was very interested in the area and even went over to visit – beautiful place…..but back to my post..just make sure that you buy in a good part of Buffalo as the area has one of the largest declining populations in NY state….does this mean you wont do well…of course not….just know Buffalo…[Read more]


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