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  • BB if only your words were dollars.

  • Hi Marie123

    BB is hard to find a good word about him anywhere.  Not like the old days when S0805 and Craferty had good words posted here to say about him.  Where are they now?

    i heard that BB was mining in Africa, but I do not know where.  He seem to have run away after his last court.  The link I posted is for another of his company called Par…[Read more]

  • BB I am not bitter and I am not rude in replying also.  It is you who is the one who is bitter because none of your promises will happen and you are worried on being found out for being a conman.  if you had done the right thing by peoples then they would post or vouch for you but you can not.  Kharma will catch up with you for certain.  If anyo…[Read more]

  • BB your updates contain nothing reliable. Every lender has been conned.  Posting on any forum is for an alert for peoples not to fall into your traps ever again.

    everyone must know that you are a conman who will not pay anyone back. All you are hoping for is more and more time from giving false hope to make your escape.

  • when will the three projects finish?

    what equity is in the projects?

    what profit is projected?


    your updates are not factual if you expect people to believe you then you will confirm facts.


  • If investors had received their money and interest then no one would be on this forum.

    Are you confirming that the projects that are not been taken by liquidators have profit to pay investors or is this yet more excuse?  When will the three  projects finish?

    Detail and accuracy is what is asked.  You are mining in Africa and not living up to yo…[Read more]

  • Narc or not it is important that BB and his teamsters are outed for what they have done to prevent them doing it again.  Follow the money trail to his Bali resort and lodge your claim there.

  • Ryan Strauss is not running any of the project anymore.  His aunt is Jacqueline Anne Herps who was the director the companys and who was bankrupted last year and had many court hearings for GST fraud.

  • For those who think that they might have a chance of recovering funds I suggest you look at BB’s other failure of Partner Lend and Partner Invest which was in the Supreme Court for defrauding investors with director loans.  BDO are the liquidators and there is not any money left out of $14Million raised.

  • Robbert became a registered member 7 months ago


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