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  • Red Feather replied to the topic has anyone ever used removable homes?? in the forum Creative Investing 4 years ago

    Interesting topic. This is something we are considering – seems to be much more common in Queensland where the style of home (high set etc) seems to lend itself more to the relocation and re-stumping that goes along with the process.

    My take is that the biggest challenge is not finding the house to relocate (and for the right price) but rather…[Read more]

  • Red Feather replied to the topic Steve’s Property Apprenticeship Cert IV course in the forum Heads Up! 4 years ago

    I am seriously considering the course as well.

    I asked the office but apparently the $1,000 option is just a rumor and won't actually be offered, which is a shame.

    I am just waiting for a property to sell before I have the cashflow to invest in the course. Hoping it sells before the course fills up…

  • Red Feather replied to the topic Derek Gehl Internet Mastermind 2013 – in the forum Heads Up! 4 years ago

    I will be at the Sydney event. 2+ hour drive for me, too plus I have a 14 week old baby in tow so bringing the other half to assist with babysitting throughout the day. Big effort so really hoping the session is worthwhile.

    I got the impression the focus of the day is to develop a passive stream of income from a website, a bit like one of those…[Read more]

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