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  • Hi, the box sets are put out by, this website

    I am not in Sydney, but we could see that regular mail with tracking would cost. Will be cheaper than driving 2 hrs to get them
    Cheers Jo

  • FOR SALE – Masterclass Advanced and Ultimate Success
    Brand New Condition
    $200.00 for both box sets

  • mmm.. really not sure on that. I have one eng I can tuse for sign off as he isnt a member or something.. shame as he is a very exp mech eng in undergrd coal mines…..  i think you would have to be cert pract to get the insuracnce sorted…. which BTW can be painful.  Thats why I subcontract… its cheaper for me and less risk as well.if u c…[Read more]

  • Hi Jeffery,  I am just a humble draftie :)  didnt even complet my Assoc Dip in struct eng LOL  what made me a success was the abliltiy to work out what my client is trying to achieve and then draw them up something they can use.  I dont do domestic stuff.. avoid commerical like the plague !  I work in the manufacturing and mining secto…[Read more]

  • there is no magic formula as to how many or how long.. do your homework.. read the papers, go to auctions, take to agents… and when the deal comes along grab it :)  we just purchased 2 at once.  Was after 1 in our local area as its going to grow a lot over the next 2-15 yrs.. new major suburb for the region planned just a 1-3 kms away.offered su…[Read more]

  • Great bones to work with !!  I agree re kicthen , check out bunnings and also budget kitchen suppliers.  Some places have a standard kitchen that may work for you.  In bunning you can get kitchen guides with grid and sized cupbd to layout.. dead easy to use.Hunt around at Joyce and Harveys for kitchen package bargains.  We got an oven, ceramic coo…[Read more]

  • Thanks… my accountant suggeste quickbooks as it easy to use so I think I will head that way.and I will trial the programme as suggested… I know what you mean abt programmes asking for data in a certain way..try using 3D modelling programmes LOL  I know what i want to do but i cant always work out how the programme wants to do it.. so annoying ! 

  • thanks Paul,  can u run 2 different businesses within either programme ?  I already run a business ( Engineering and Drafting service ) and will be buying a programme for that ASAPCheers Jo-Anne

  • go for it goldie !! do the checks and balances but its a goog buy,.. 140K is not much really for a $200 rent…laughin so long as u get good tenant.. bring strict !!!

  • RandJ replied to the topic Corner Blocks in the forum General Property 9 years, 9 months ago

    dont put aside mid st blocks.  I was lucky enough to pick up 2 places back to back.. !  2024 sm total,  we can subdivide to a battle axe with dual occupany in the middle block easliy as we have 4.5-4.7m from the side boundry to the eaves… our council has a min of 3.5m for driveways on battle aex so its a no brainer.  the min block size is 450…[Read more]

  • We have been using them for 4.5 yrs and up till now ( well april 2009 ) , no probs… :(  very disappointing they dropped the ball and failed in their duty of care..   the hard part with this was by the monthly statements all rent was paid… so its deception by their part as to the rental arrears.. I had no way of telling until I asked then reques…[Read more]

  • hey Guys,  I have 2 investments in Moranbah, one for 4.5 yrs the other 4 yrs.  No issued with tenancy up till now, 3 weeks vacant on 1st  brought after original tenants moved out.  3 weeks is not a problem for after 4.5yrs full rent.  2nd home still has same tenant – company lease.The problem is the agent !!!!!  long story so heres the short…[Read more]


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