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  • Yes your right my wording is out of whack,

    What im trying to say is can we use our super as some form of equity to borrow money from a lender?

    And it was advertised on the tv about sun super getting an award. not sure how on the stats though. Iv been out of the country for 3 years and only just returned a few months ago.

  • pretty much dead wood with this one

  • sup bro.. im a kiwi in sydney and im a builder.. what you can do is 'employ' someone like myself but the thing you do is apply for an owner builders licence.. so basicly you are the one building your home or doing renos.. the trick is, 'for example' i do the work but youd have to pay 'me' out of your account as cash and lable it as another expense…[Read more]

  • what i would do is purchase a ticket to the isle on man off the uk or isle of White..or even some other islands over in europe that arent under the European union laws… go open a bank account. you might want to set up an overseas address where your 'residential address' will be.. this is merely a middle man as these addresses are set up for you…[Read more]

  • i wouldnt do it.. any income provided by a defacto partner that is used to assist your asset will become divided up in a court if you split up.. dont do it.. rent out your property and go like somewhere else with him that way you are protected from him taking half your assets

  • you dont to be a real estate agent to learn the game bro.. if i was you id study at home the real estate market.. if you become an agent youll have a very low base wage and work on commision which may take months before you make a sale depending on where you live. given your situation with a young family i doubt you could afford to be on a base…[Read more]

  • i think those people are the ones that probably are too stubourn to learn new tricks.. and given the markets constantly changing, its not always the way of the wise that sometimes catches the early worm so to speak.  Im 30 and have sustained 2 investment properties and I barely know the ropes yet. the people i listen to the most are my Dad and…[Read more]

  • hi mate.. im a builder and reno's on your bathroom is a good way to add value easily. Id recommend looking on websites and finding out what sort of materials youd like to replace your existing bathroom. EG ikea and bunnings can give you cheaper but fashionable items. all you need is the dimensions of your reqiurements. This is not something Id do…[Read more]


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