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  • anna
    hey look here’s my e-mail, [email protected] if you like e-mail me and we will chat some more about some possible renos, sounds like your interested and would be a great opp to talk to somebody with some experience in the market….cheers

    stop telling me i can’t do that, because u know what? I can!!!

  • anna
    thanks for the interest, i’m not saying we just dive into any old town here but i think that once you’ve found a place with some amount of reasonable amount of growth then there’s a start, say you set a limit of 100 000, live there camp there, whatever, thats the fun of it i guess, give yourself 3 months to renovate then decide to sell or…[Read more]

  • cheers montrose, whereabouts and how are you finding it???? would be interested to talk to you, do you think that targeting small towns with growth is a viable option in purchasing and renovating and selling them, i see it as a bit of an untapped market,

    stop telling me i can’t do that, because u know what? I can!!!

  • hi anna, well i guess the main area i was concerned with was just the real estate in small towns, not properties as such, but its always a possibility, i just see the low costs involved with small town houses/units being an advantage to those investors who don’t have the start up money to be able to buy in larger areas ie. bris, melb. I thought…[Read more]

  • hi, i’m 21 year old male and live in a small country town in NSW just above the victorian border, i had been interested in property for a while and have just within the last few months purchased a unit for $58000 it’s a two bdrm brick unit and it’s my first purchase in the property market, while it may not have been the biggest buy it was a…[Read more]


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