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  • That sure sounds costly and there is some risk, but the only other way i can think of is to just sell the house and start over. I might go see a adviser and see if i can get another option. Thanks for all the replys, it has been a great help.Cheers, Peter

  • thanks for the reply terry, I not sure how it will affect their pension, if all goes to plan they are hoping to work for another 15-20yrs if that is a problem, I was thinking they could always sell 6yrs or so before they wish to retire or transfer them back.
    How much are the fees if I transfer the house?(valued at $250k)

  • newpup replied to the topic Build House Or Units? in the forum Help Needed! 14 years ago

    Thanks for you reply scott, i know what you are saying, i really don't want to get a loan more than my assets, that way if the worse was to happen i could still have it covered. I really don't want to build as it's hard for me to get around to supervise and it's a huge hassle, but it's hard to get it out of my head when i see land so cheap and…[Read more]

  • Hi Richard thanks for your reply,Basically i own my own property, and have money just sitting in my bank, but i can't work any more due to a accident so i live on a pension. I am ok now with finances but as i am only in my early 20's i know in 5-10yrs i may need stronger assets to fall back on, and i feel that real estate is the best long term…[Read more]


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