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  • navyboy replied to the topic Ip Loan in the forum Finance 11 years, 11 months ago

    Seeing as there is plenty of equity in the PPOR could you borrow a further 20k on top of the required loan amount and fees and pay the interest on your IP loan upfront (which will be tax deductable?) and then use your wage and any income from your IP to pay your PPOR of quicker? Effectively just transferring your debt from non tax deductable to…[Read more]

  • thank you to all for your opinions and comments.I contacted the agent today and asked if the corner house has settled yet before i mentioned the problems. As it turns out they are at the same stage as myself and haven't reached settlement yet. It seems that they thought my houses were still for sale and no one would notice as the owner lives in…[Read more]

  • SURPRISE SURPRISEthe bank haas delayed settlement to monday at the earliest. it seems that everytime the broker or the conveyancer speaks to someone there they get a different answer to what is going on.the latest is that we do require the miscellaneous application, but in the mean time they have told the broker that they are ready to book the…[Read more]

  • i had a little bit of excitement for the start of the week, as far as i am aware we are still good for friday but i received a call yesterday from the construction company informing me that because the contract was signed over 5 months ago (even though i had the house modified and it took nearly 4 months to get to the footings cost stage) i am now…[Read more]

  • hello all.firstly thanks mick. Its unfortunate that im not the only one this has happened to but fingers crossed i get the same outcomeas you from CBA.I have spoken to CBA customer relations and explained that due to their delays it has cost me in lost rent, interest and building delays. The lady i spoke to said that until we have settled there is…[Read more]

  • ok if you think you need more information to help please feel free to ask.i have 3 houses and a block of land.i am trying to sell the first house i bought about 3 years ago. property 1 (trying to sell)owe 143kvalue 200krent 190pw (not rented now)property 2unit. normal size house but in strataowe 165kvale 215krent 200pw (market rent approx. 250pw…[Read more]

  • for info the current LVR is around 86%. so i understand that they want to have all the funds available to ensure that the lvr doesnt rise but at the same time i want to ensure that the lvr doesnt drop because then they will want to charge me to LMI when i borrow money to build the new seems like a very round about way but i want to sell this…[Read more]

  • I am still not comprehending the fact that they can keep charging me interest on a loan which they are dragging their heals to settle and pay back, meanwhile I'm also paying interest on the land which i have already settled on and effectively losing potential rent money due to the delay in building of the house.Is there anyway i can get the bank…[Read more]

  • unfortunately yes they are. i know its a big no no but at the time i was paying a stupid interest rate with a non-bank lender and had the whole lot covered by CBA although each property has its own loan and security.

  • hello all,just wanting to clarify a pointif you purchase a PPOR and happen to subdivide it, the sale of the new block has CGT with it. Yes?But what if you live in the house, subdivide, sell the house you live in ( CGT exempt) whilst building on the new block. which will become your PPOR once complete. will this help someone avoid CGT whilst making…[Read more]

  • Hello, I have just gone through refinancing with Ryan Rawlins. he works for a company which i cant remember the name of because i only deal with him. i found him to be a great help in all aspects and i know for a fact he invests also. im not too sure what he knows about trusts though.give him a call and find outRyan Rawlins 0433 809 522ps. he is…[Read more]

  • thank you all for the comments, it gives me a bit of an idea what other people do. i am looking at a property which would have a good return with just a paint but due to the size of the block i might be able to subdivide the back and maybe sell the land or refinance and if i can afford it without putting myself into too much det, i will b…[Read more]

  • hello allPLEASE REPLY, surely with the amount of investing knowledge and all the properties that members to this site own there should be more comments. do you offer 5% or 10% below asking price or do you use the length of the settlement to negotiate a better price. what about houses which have an asking price of $200,000+ for example. does this…[Read more]

  • thank you for your reply beaniemonster, at least you didnt lose money, just missed the opportunity to make some,hey grunter, why would you go and do a thing like that. where are you based now and what did you do in the pussdavid

  • If you have any past success with a technique or even just a bit of luck that went your way please post your story.I would also like those hard luck stories of the 'big fish' that you let get away by trying something or pushing the limits.thanks

  • hello, thanks for the responses.

    firstly the 63k i get a year is my wage from the navy. any rent on top of theatis just extra. i pay the loans out of what i earn then get the rent at the end of the month. i dont rely on the rent. i still have enough to live and pay the morgages.

    the idea about christies is what i was after. would it be a good…[Read more]


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