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  • Danny not a tax lawyer but…You could always add your name to the title ? some states allow husbands and wives to do this under system where the Stamp duty is minimal. And if you do it as something other than 50/50 then you could theoretically claim more costs to you – but this is likely to be seen as tax avoidance ( part IVA).

    Best option -…[Read more]

  • mwuillemin replied to the topic Freakin Banks in the forum Finance 14 years, 7 months ago

    you could always get an offer and acceptance/transfer for a sale three years into the future for full transfer to your name when the loan expires – you will be up for the costs then anyway.? Make it for a fixed amount of her half (or 65% if you had a lawyer like me) plus the notional rental value of the half to allow for the time value of money.…[Read more]

  • Beware – big corrections  coming !! Central London is always going to be good but wait until the BOE reverses interest rates down a bit more..Make sure that you have a look at the benefits of tax credits in Australian property for when you return to Australia – go to I think or google it – you will be glad you did and you may never pay…[Read more]

  • positive gearing – plenty of them here in DXB… try these figures for ROIpurchase price – 400 000 , may 04costs per annum 30 000, rent total over four years (net of fees etc) 240 000current value – 1,100,000no other outgoings…you tell me what you think of that positive gearing oh – borrowed funds at around 7.5% at 80% LVR. 20-30 % d…[Read more]

  • Maybe you lads should have a look at the middle east for property deals (UAE). Currently live here and with the exchange rate you can get in relatively easily, loans are more or less easy to get, rental returns are magnificent (better than 20% yield and depending on  your tax arrangements depends on the overall result) For example a 120 000…[Read more]


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