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  • Jamie M wrote:
    Also, you might find these links helpful during your search Cheers Jamie

    Jamie, I checked your site and thats a great resource.. Thanks for sharingI also use, and (not sure if they are mentioned elsewhere?)I wouldnt rely solely on the info but…[Read more]

  • AdamAnother point to add as bumped on above is that the doom and gloom can be 'insured' against as well (in a want for a better term..)Say YOU would consider the market dropping 10% then that just becomes part of your purchase strategy (one above of 40% would take a pretty massive bubble burst!) Just allow for it on the way in.. if it doesnt…[Read more]

  • MrDarcy replied to the topic Refinance in the forum Finance 8 years, 6 months ago

    [/quote] Hello Mr DarcyBe aware if you  are going to refinance to ANZ, they are giving a $1000 cash back for making the switch.  This is available either by going direct, being referred or via brokers. [/quote] Checked out your site Kane..pretty neat!

  • MrDarcy replied to the topic Refinance in the forum Finance 8 years, 6 months ago

    Yep we are taking that up as well..A win win really.Cheers~ Thought as it was mentioned above I wouldnt repeat..

  • MrDarcy replied to the topic Refinance in the forum Finance 8 years, 6 months ago

    I am moving from Commbank to ANZ as per the above statements and with 1% off over 700k id be keen to see if that doesnt sway the sour taste..Sorry to be blunt but money is money at the end of the day and I can assure you CB wont be any better..I was going through a split with my wife and they printed copies of all of my statements in a branch and…[Read more]

  • Point taken.I agree if the initial loan is PPOR it is a negative, KYZER is now using old PPOR as IP so I was reffering to this.If they had it set up initially, is the new portion/redraw deductible against IP? lowering the loan on the PPOR upfront? paying down PPOR quicker? You are right about the naming of the products (most banks call them d…[Read more]

  • I know your decision is made and looks like its a good choice..One thing id like to add is its a two way street..I have a great relationship with my broker and without him I wouldnt have got a start when I did.. (and wouldnt be where I am now!)The big banks all said no, I was 19, and I had no idea of the possibilities.. I had no experience, no one…[Read more]

  • Hi TerryIm not a finance guru so its just a FYI Comment for other readers to keep in mind but ill try and clear it up..If I pay my principle & interest off like the banks make mum and dad investor believe is the best thing to do, then I have equity to release in a few years time by either borrowing with a new loan.. etcThe problem is that all t…[Read more]

  • A late addition to the thread :)Thought Id add here for other readers looking into this topic- (im sure its elsewhere on the site)It shows the importance of using a Redraw facility for IP's instead of paying the principle directly.The many people that I talk to with just 1 or 2 IP's dont understand that when it comes time to borrow for…[Read more]

  • Marie Im pretty sure that Buffet has a different opinion on fear and greed but its up to you to interpret..By the sound of it, you diversifying means you have a few IP's and wish to sell one to take profit and use it elsewhere? (shares etc?)If this is the case the property that you are selling would also have equity would it not?Borrow the equity…[Read more]

  • Rent Vs sellHi If you rent it you can sell it later..if you sell it – its gone!Id get it on the books with the RE this FY if possible?Sort out the rest after its all settled, depreciation, tax etc etc with an accountantAfter that if your going ok with it all i'd see a Fin Ad about where to go from there..

  • MrDarcy replied to the topic Good tradies in the forum Value Adding 8 years, 9 months ago

    Hi DanvivJust a tip, I wouldnt use a handy man for any electrical.. Lights etcYou say after that " they have to be qualified etc" and im sure thats what you meant..Its not worth the hassles if something goes wrong!Just make a list and get them there once, when its an hour here and an hour there its pretty exxy!Another tip, generally if you get a…[Read more]

  • MrDarcy replied to the topic Can i Get finance? in the forum Help Needed! 8 years, 9 months ago

    Why not try 20% LVR 1st? Keep the rest for the next opportunity..A broker should be able to tell you straight away if it will be ok or not, Id try that before going near any bank..the rest of the $ you have for a deposit will only be repaid over a long period of time and that doesnt make sense to me as an IPI guess it depends on how many you w…[Read more]

  • HiIm doing exactly that now.. I cant afford to buy and pay down where i want to live at the moment so i pay rent..this allowed me to keep all of my properties and focus on saving further for my dream PPOR (which i intend to buy and still rent where i am until I can afford to live in it comfortably, 2-3 years)If its not your dream home why waste…[Read more]

  • Or contact integral and ask if its sticking around long term..might be a bargain if it dissapears in the near future..As for radiation, unless its got the Phone network arials hanging off it its just going to annoy you when its moist.. (some get all crackly so check it on a rainy night!)If not – as a rental would it affect the rent? as a PPOR its…[Read more]

  • Well put empty vessel..Can I ask why you chose to invest in the unseen IP2 and units as IP3 (was the risk worth taking?)Was this the plan when you set out initially?What is the future plan with IP 5? You mention commercial or US are you diversifying with each IP?Just trying to understand your strategy.. Marie as for sticking to a strategy if it w…[Read more]

  • Hi GuysIm not involved in WA but dont forget to negotiate the additional 1-2 weeks rent upfront as well, if your property is rented for 500+PW it can take a while for 0.5-1% to pay back.If you strip that at the start its $ in the bank sooner!Watch out for admin fees too.. arrange to have statements emailed and cut out the fee altogether!I agree,…[Read more]

  • SkyesDont just look to banks to turn your hard earned into additional deposit $$..There are other options..If you know of a financial planner or can find a great one they will help you out..It will make more sense from them in person but if you have cash you have the ability to turn it into a deposit quicker than bank interest..Nothing comes for…[Read more]

  • MrDarcy replied to the topic Rental Default in the forum Help Needed! 8 years, 9 months ago

    Im really sorry to hear that!Im guessing you dont have landlords insurance?Does the bond = half of lost rent? so total is only 4 weeks rent?My opinion starts here -I wouldnt rely on any property manager, do what you can to find them yourself.. the mail will still go to that address and you might be able to get a forwarding address from the PO? Yo…[Read more]

  • MrDarcy replied to the topic Making a Start in the forum Help Needed! 8 years, 9 months ago

    Hi BlueHoonI might suggest that you are in a great position.. Keep your head up!It may not seem like it and your "bad" debt might be tough but ill add to the others comments as best i can..       You have a -Geared property so therefore your Tax return is just around the corner.. I suggest this goes into your debts one at a time to get rid of th…[Read more]

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