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  • MJT replied to the topic Recommendation wanted in the forum Help Needed! 15 years, 3 months ago

    Hi Robert,

    I saw that web site but I haven’t used them. Their site is

    They promote a fast sale, whether the buyer is themselves or as an agent for a buyer.

    I suppose you put your house on the market for a while then see them. If they made an offer you didn’t like I’m sure you could just turn it down.

    As for…[Read more]

  • I know what you mean darls_666;

    Q: Has anyone bought their IP’s at a distance, another state, whatever, without having to do anything to the IP on or after settlement.
    A: no mine is local.

    Q: Who do you rely on to give you reliable info about the state of repairs etc, the finer details of the place & future potential.

    A: Get your solicitor to…[Read more]

  • MJT replied to the topic frustrated in the forum Help Needed! 15 years, 3 months ago

    Hi all,
    just a quick note to say the house sold!!! ended up getting $256000. The cash buyer had to pay a fee for getting his money out of a term deposit A/C and because we wanted to keep the settlement dates, we agreed to the lesser amount.

    We moved in 2 weeks ago and it is great! Lovely view of the river on our doorstep (except for the stench…[Read more]

  • Hi there Wylie,

    Why are you going to move the front QLDr to the back and put a movable one in the front? Couldn’t you just put the moved one out back and save the cost of moving the both?

    Also if you do build new, does the neighbourhood have any/many newer homes in it. A new home in an older home area might look out of place….best house in…[Read more]

  • Good work SIS, you look to have definately taken the bull by the horns!

    I applaud you big goals. The only way to make it big is to plan big. You obviously plan your work and work your plan.

    How Rich do I want to become?
    next 5 years – 5 pos IP’s average buy $200000, $100000 trading & med term shares, start & finish brand new reno (cost $317000…[Read more]

  • MJT replied to the topic Confession time in the forum Creative Investing 15 years, 4 months ago

    Hi all, great post! I read Anita Bells book and found that she lived a very deprived live in that time. [axe]
    I couldn’t do it!

    I spend on little toy cars for the “kids”, beer, wife and kids. and various other things that are too many to mention!!!!!![freak]



  • MJT replied to the topic Builder leasebacks in the forum Help Needed! 15 years, 4 months ago

    Aren’t builders display homes usually the flasher homes in the newer suburbs?

    If you are going to rent it out, what is the market like for these sort of homes? What do the PM’s say about its rentability & rental price?



  • The message I got from my solicitor was that it, the trust deed, is just set of rules on a piece of paper…heaps of paper.

    It didn’t matter in the past because it never traded – it didn’t exist and you didn’t play by those rules.

    If you have it drawn up and don’t sign and you if for years you can still sign it and activate it.

    It buys things…[Read more]

  • MJT replied to the topic EQUITY ??? in the forum No Subject 15 years, 4 months ago

    I forgot to mention that I agree with you Terry. This IS what my brother did. And yes I think he did pay a bit of tax. But the property was way positive… helped pay for his next one.



  • MJT replied to the topic EQUITY ??? in the forum No Subject 15 years, 4 months ago

    What is wrong with owning a house that you occupy, say, 10% of and rent the other 90% to tenants. The FHOG is helping you buy that room.

    The FHOG was intended to help people buy their own home. If you can substanciate that you lived there, bed/matteres, personal stuff and mail why would they question? [strum] Or is there a secret FHOG police…[Read more]

  • MJT replied to the topic Solictors fees? in the forum Legal & Accounting 15 years, 4 months ago

    dunno Shawn, I have had 2 contracts fall over recently and have not paid a cent. Maybe you could put the point with the principal (as we did) and let them know that you will be using the services of a solicitor/conveyancor (?spelling?) MANY TIMES PER YEAR for all the IP’s you are buying.

    If they want your business they should earn it. While you…[Read more]

  • When forming our trust we were asked what date to start it from. You could back date it if it needs to be formed before the contract is signed.

    But talk to your solcitor first.


  • MJT replied to the topic EQUITY ??? in the forum No Subject 15 years, 4 months ago

    M brother bought his first house using the FHOG while still living with mum and dad. He occupied a room downstairs ( mainly for his tools for renovating) where he sometimes slept. He chaged his mailing address to this place for 6 months to satisfy the FHOG. He managed this IP himself.


  • Hi Ali G,

    It certainly wasn’t easy – I learnt from making mistakes!!

    I will never plaster again (my wife plastered and she will never do it again)…too precise and I can always see the defects.

    We waterproofed and tiled. Word of warning of last month (not sure if its a council regulation or only QLD) if you do a reno you must…[Read more]

  • Hi Ali G,

    We hired a carpenter to work for cash at first. We had a major deadline and I got to pick his brain and learnt HEAPS.

    My Dad is a plumber and this saved us $000’s and I got to learn from him. My mate nextdorr is the sparky and I don’t touch that and for tiling we picked the brain of a couple of tile guys, got the right tools and had…[Read more]

  • Hi Kattan,

    I saw a few programs at Hervey Normans that might be good. It looks like you design your own top to bottom and can see it all – that sort of thing. They look USA so it might not be relevant.



  • Hi all,

    Firstly Steve; like the newsletters keep them coming, love the site – great ideas, great people[cowboy2] and I can’t wait to read the new book!!

    While the renos would be easiler to do if there no tennants, my accountant says that its more tax effective if the work is done with them there.

    What do you think?
    Maybe reduce their rent for a…[Read more]

  • MJT replied to the topic frustrated in the forum Help Needed! 15 years, 5 months ago

    Hi guys, thanks for the replies.

    I do feel better thanks you Scottyb. I’m not that stressed…my wife is. I must say I haven’t been near the red but the amber has caught my eye, er, tongue.

    Yack, my friendly REA is putting together our case for us. The valuer said she could build for cheaper. But she has to buy the land first. And I did…[Read more]

  • Is it worth contacting the Local council for a head count? Would they have this sort of info freely available?



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