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  • I'm a big procrastinator & always think things through alot. I talk myself out of alot of things because of this. I'm learning though that the quicker you do something the less you have doubts or ask yourself this & that, what if & but… Don't get me wrong, you should do your research, that's the easy part, but once you've done your research &…[Read more]

  • Linar wrote:
    Rowester, if you are serious about getting into property investment and this is the only way you can afford it, then consider getting a quick settlement, move into it, renovate it when you are living in it (difficult, I know, with two kids but not impossible) and then rent it out after six months.

    Growing this was half of my life.…[Read more]

  • Patriot Soldier, I'm a young investor myself, rather green though I'll admit, but from what I know so far I think you pretty much have everything covered there. Even though I have been through the process a few times myself you've helped me to better understand it all that much more. TYMacros

  • Gday mate. I'm just 20 years old & on Friday I settle on my 2nd property (3rd if you count the one I had & sold under my parents name). I find it best if you just go with your gut feeling. My last 2 properties I offered prices that the agents said the owner would never go for. Much to the agents surprise, I got my 2nd property $25,000 cheaper than…[Read more]


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