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  • IMO,  most purchasers believe the house they wish to purchase is overpriced… !!when you purchase a property why not sit down with agent to write up offer without verbalising price first, as sometimes it is important, initially, to ensure the conditions of your offer are written down also & are as important as price… once it is written, then…[Read more]

  • yes there is.. blue board or white board depending on your circumstances then render over with a polymer type product pre-mixed in large tubs specially designed for this use.

  • hhmmm.. .25% interest rate cut last week.more rate cuts to come… soon…stamp duty & mortgage duty concessions have kicked in now for properties under $500k…a R/E friend of mine has told me he's noticed an upswing in buyer interest in properties under $500k already.could this possible momentum (if that's what it is)  dominoe up the property l…[Read more]

  • hi trig,I would research where I could buy an  investment property  to see what property forecasters arecommentating on future growth potential before doing anything!!!..  if like in Adelaide or SEQ they are estimating25% growth between now & 2011 I would certainly look at it, as potentially a capital gain like that could in essence pay off half…[Read more]

  • mackar replied to the topic Painters in WA in the forum Help Needed! 12 years, 3 months ago

    give my mate Martin a call… he's just moved back to Perth this month from here & painted my house recently… very good painter!! Call him at    'Crisp Finish' _  0438 56 99 16.. he's based in Joondalup… (I'm not sure where Warnbro is though??)good luckMackar

  • I would re read the conditions of contract. as there may be a grey area here as, what exactly is considered to be a " major defect".. there is no real clear definition.I feel that if you consider it to be a major defect then pull out of contract immmediately…or get a 2nd opinion from another building / pest inspector…asap.

  • I think you have to look deeper than the upfront cost of living somewhere… as a home is an "investment"… (including your PPOR which is also CGT free).every house I have owned has returned far far greater than the actual day to day cost of ownership, especially when the tenant is paying a fair portion of cost of ownership & the tax man helps m…[Read more]

  • Hi Ummester,sounds a little like you believe the market is overpriced… by a lot & you are waiting for the prices to come down to where you believe you are comfortable, before you jump in & purchase. The current ownerswill of course then "lose" money & once you own & live in your new home eventually you make money when the property jumps…[Read more]

  • "See how selfish your dreams are compared to mine? I want something for the country – you want something for yourself…Basically you are aware that property resources are finite and that BBs got to entre the market first. Pretend there are only 2 people in the market. Logically, any property more than 1 that a BB owns is 1 the other per…[Read more]

  • to be able to be charitable you must first have the capacity… whether it be financially, socially or emotionally.That's how we could give Indonesia  $1Billion worth of socialism after the Tsunami… because we were viable as a nation.Same goes for family… I found out over the weekend I'm going to be a Grandparent for the 1st time… & one of m…[Read more]

  • I've spent some time in Northern Territory areas & unfortunately its hard to talk about home ownership in indigenous areas as part of the way the white man thinks about  it as Aboriginals have a different culture when it comes to ownership of all things inc. housing… they have a kind of communal ownership of things… this leads to no real sens…[Read more]

  • what you get… can be very different to what you want….As only 30+ % of Aussies own property I believe, the majority would want  lower house prices… they may get it too, for a while at least,  as I feel there may be a "Puddling of property prices for next 6 – 12 Months before a growth cycle again will drive prices up… maybe not by 20 -2…[Read more]

  • my theory is that almost all generations have thought the next one doesn't work hard enough… and are lazy.!!I could quote a monty python sketch here… but if I told you which one,….."they wouldn't believe me"!!maybe the older generations are right though,  we invent smarter, quicker & easier ways to wash clothes, dishes, communicate & trave…[Read more]

  • surely though there is an advantage for analysts to be able to pick the timing of the downturns as well as the upswings…or else if they can't they virtually become redundant as noone will have confidence in their opinion in any market… & well… with analysts.. thats all they have to sell really, …their reputation.a bit like a burger shop ha…[Read more]

  • is this just a conspiracy theory???why would a respectable company compromise their perceived integrity??mackar

  • why … if what you profess is correct, & I'm not shooting you down here… would several revered analysts ie: matusik, bis shrapnel etc state recently in their 2008 – 2011 predictions a 22% raise in property prices & similar for rental increases..?? (I know I have just raised one of my properties rents by aprox 18% this year alone… & without h…[Read more]

  • This is better.. snippets of peoples thoughts… it's interesting to read  where people are at with their different ideas on the market.I agree that no one knows…thats why its pointless pushing anyones point… but I enjoy stimulating informative dialogue….what was the article you read about "why not to buy R.E. over last decades" E…[Read more]

  • gees… I'm glad I prefaced this topic with asking for some restraint, or who knows what comments we would have got…we all… now, have a very good idea what some members here, have to say & say & say…does anyone else have any informative, constructive, educated, unbiased viewsideas,  information or just plain hunches??? without the use of l…[Read more]

  • hi Costa,I know of a new web site that has just started giving sales history of houses for free…I find it invaluable as you can find the details on a whole street at a time too.go to… can search the entire price & date history of a house that normally you have to pay for…let me know if this helps you at allregardsmackar

  • if you go to your local council, you can purchase plans for your home including storm water details too if necessary.. talk to the people at reception & they will let you know how much it will be & what you get exactly… normally takes a couple of weeks to get it i the mail from them…

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