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  • Thanks Terry ,

    If I used it for 3 months only, will ATO be concerned ?

  • Hi Terry

    Thanks for that.

    If for example, I just bought a new property and declare it as a PPOR.
    I have no other PPOR.
    I comply with all ATO rules like changing address, utilities, mails, my personal stuff etc.

    Is there a minimum stay on on my PPOR before I moved out to activate the the 6 year rule?
    ATO website says, no minumum length, but…[Read more]

  • Hi Terry,

    I thought if I hold the PPOR for 12 months, I am not subjected to CGT.
    Am I wrong ?


  • Hi Terry, Tony & Benny

    Thanks for your valuable advice.
    You guys are awesome in giving me a fresh look into how best I can redirect my funds and creating equity.

    No – I do not need to change my life style for the moment as I still have a full time job. and drawing good pay.

    I am fully aware that PPOR is not subjected to CGT.
    The reason I…[Read more]

  • I have a PPPOR which does not have any mortgage on it.
    Market appraisal is around $750k. I have 5 other IP which I took out max loans on it.
    The IPS are generally breaking even or 2% negative geared on it.
    Is it a good idea to sell my PPOR and put into each IP some cash to offload the loans.
    So that I can get positive income from the…[Read more]

  • hi Benny

    Yes, I probably use those “Sellmyhouse” or PropertyNow Agents” and sell it myself.
    As it is empty and a display home, should be easy to sell as nothing to move or clean up

  • Hi joeygbh

    Your answer is splendid.
    I need some assurance of what I had been thinking.
    All of what your said is exactly right.
    I will look at selling and move on after all the last 2 years I already made some income from it.

    CHeers mate

  • I bought a display home 2 years ago in Perth and leased back to the builder.
    It was 7% rental which was positive geared.
    Its a 2 storey , 4×2 home. With all the decors and furnishings, it looks stunning.
    I paid $688K for it. I took “Interest Only” loan for taxation purpose.
    Now the lease is coming to an end, I am stuck whether to sell or keep as…[Read more]

  • Hi Jacqui & Tom ,

    Thanks for the advice.
    The problem is I bought the 2 blocks by cash. There is no loans on it.
    Hence, just paying the rate and Water rate but no income.
    So was thinking how best to manage the money to another property or let it sit there.
    Do I need the money – Can say Yes or No, depends

    The other issue is, being inter state,…[Read more]

  • Hi,
    I have 2 blocks of land in QLD.
    I live interstate now.
    I bought it 7 years ago for $150K each. Both around 2500sqm. It posses excellent views.
    It’s worth around $250K or so? But I was thinking if it is better to build a 4×2 house on it then sell or just sell the block and take the profit. Which method is better for investment returns ?


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