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  • lifestyle replied to the topic to everyone in the forum Opinionated! 18 years, 11 months ago

    Hi Pinkster, I saw the posting where you gave a good blast of honesty and I thought it was quite good actually, so don’t go saying sorry.After seeing that you were no longer going to be on this site I stopped looking in every day and have just been looking in once a week. I thought good on you for saying what you think. I think most adults can…[Read more]

  • Yeah, I argree with Martin on the “one liner qoutes”. I’m the last person to be negative, & I’m not being negative when I say this, but some of those qoutes sound like people are kidding themselves. If the people spent as much time being creative with their time as they do coming up with some of those stomach churning comments then they would be…[Read more]

  • quote:
    Hi there,

    Busy day for me folks, but I thought I’d make an appearance for a change [:D]

    It’s obvious from the posts here that there needs to be a ‘Midwifery’ post somewhere in this PROPERTY investing website ([:0)]), so I might have a chat about that with Steve. What do you think? [;)]

    Let’s start using the ‘Forum Fun’ section of this…

    [Read more]

  • lifestyle replied to the topic pssssssssst in the forum Forum Frolic 19 years ago

    ok the Bad Person Committee got together and we decided that…..YOURE IN!!

    Membership fees can be paid to me in cash, cash or cash.

    Be bad..but be good at it [}:)][}:)][}:)][}:)]

    ~ Heaven doesnt want me and Hell is afraid I will take over! ~

    I can’t believe it, you mean I’m in.”LIKE WOW”. I guess I should start by thanking my…[Read more]

  • quote:
    Hiya lifestyle,

    Sure the pace slows for a while, but the riches far exceed the IP factor.

    I am the richest man on earth ! And I wouldn’t give it ( my family ) up for anything.

    Lifestyle your choice is a simple one, go chase your dream of property ownership. Then choose one of your 100’s of tennants to be your partner !

    You would have…

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  • quote:
    Just to add my comments, I agree with all of the above. Its amazing what you can do if you need to and kids have certainly had a lot to do with our property investing. Our boys 8 and 10….Our goals – pay for a private education for them, educate them in smart investing not working your guts out for a wage, showing them that we have the…

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  • lifestyle replied to the topic Topic closed in the forum The Treasure Chest 19 years ago

    Biffo on the boards….


    “Why work to the age where you cant enjoy
    what you have worked for !.” (Author: Me)

    Stand back it’s going to get ugly. It’s great to watch though. I’ll just get a beer and popcorn. Come on Pinkster fire them up again.

  • quote:

    what’s the difference between a baby and a seagull?


    One flits along the shore, and the other……

    Brilliant. Still laughing.


  • lifestyle replied to the topic just curious in the forum The Treasure Chest 19 years ago

    lifestyle, i live on the coast and i would be interested in catching up, over a beer or whatever.

    Hi Matt this Sean ie LS. Sounds like a plan.Might as well wait and see if anyone else wants to catch up. How about Omalley’s in town.25 October curring the afternoon would be cool, or when ever. Just putting it out there.

  • quote:
    I am a 35 year old single mother with 3 children. (Not looking for anyone either).
    With 3 children, I have renovated a house, completed and sold a 2 lot sub-division, owner-builder of my house (with my ex) and am now into my second sub-division.
    You can do anything you want to do, with or without children!

    You make it sound…[Read more]

  • Thanks guy’s this site is proving a winner. I’ve been in touch with a broker and thing’s look back on track. I really hate big banks that try to hobble you and keep you down. Power to the people.
    This site is providing more imformation tnan I bet Steve & Dave ever imagined. It’s instant answers. People helping people for nothing, just because they…[Read more]

  • Absolutely no emotional tie’s to the property, just trying to save a buck. Thank’s for the reply though.You raised some interesting points.

  • lifestyle replied to the topic pssssssssst in the forum Forum Frolic 19 years ago

    Hey pinky, I’m actually a new star member, but I want in on the bad persons club. Think it over, talk it over with the bad person board and c what u can do. C I don’t even spell words. That’s bad.


  • I hear ya brother.I feel like may be I’m a little behind the eight ball because now every one is in to it. While there are obviously still some bargins out there I would imagine it’s going to be that little bit harder. I’ve come up with my own little investment template after reading 0-135 and it differs from the books but I feel it is right for…[Read more]

  • Hi ya,NO your not alone. I’ve read around a dozen of these books and this one is about the norm. It’s a great book and I’m learning alot from it but now and then I have to just put it down and pick it up when I feel like it. Some of it is writen in accountant speak, but it’s not to bad.Reading between the lines makes me see that it’s not quite as…[Read more]


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