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  • hi aphraell, We have gone owner builder in vic, adding an extension aswell as reno the existing part of the house. It was a challenge going through all the paperwork and regulations for the extension as it was our first.  We would do it all again in a heartbeat. Using a private building inspector was a great start (instead of the council…[Read more]

  • Hi kiko, I have used this product and find it easy to use after a little practice. If you are not patient it may not be for you as a bit of time is needed to get a nice finish when your learning. It does look like a pro job when done, can be coloured, the dulux products (available to us) need to be sealed after application and is pretty…[Read more]

  • hi juder, we have looked into this a little… we are in vic.  we prefer to use a local company that deals in relocation, it seems the costs are lower this way. if you have one in your area check them out as they will be a wealth of knowledge. Your local council will also be able to help, they should also have booklets with there regulations and…[Read more]

  • hi andy, not sure if this will help. we have just  completed a slab via building inspectors instructions (owner builder). it had to be at least 600mm (edge beams) into natural earth. i think this depends on the type of land too (volcanic, clay). your builder should be able to explain.  if the land slopes it can meen that the sit cut one end will b…[Read more]

  • hi, welcome to the world of renovting…….so rewarding.We always start with a budget, look at what needs to be done from most important to least important. Keeping it realistic and freindly to all is so important espesially if selling or renting the property. An A-Z of renovating would be great but it would not suite every job as each reno is so…[Read more]

  • let replied to the topic 100% lnvestment Loans in the forum Finance 15 years, 1 month ago

    Hi emma, why dont you keep looking for a ppor, if you are pre appoved you will still get the FHOG. With 100% fiance on an ip you will miss out on FHOG, thats in VIC. The gossip here is that the FHOG will be increasing??? do some more home work and ask your lender about your finance options. good luck. let.

  • Hi dave, good on you for having a go. We are into major renos too.  Currently purchasing no.3 which will be ppor. Intend to do current house area prior to extention as cost with owner builder (OB) are reduced by thousands. This wasnt the plan at the start but a little thinking outside of the square can be very profitable. Im in VIC, we have heaps…[Read more]

  • let replied to the topic Next move required in the forum Help Needed! 15 years, 2 months ago

    Hi, if you go through the site you will find some helpfull calculators, they will allow you to look at many different options. hope this helps.

  • Hi ozboy, I have just fitted some new vinyl wrap cabnets which caused major problems……… The glue batch was faulty, the manufacturers had to pay for all losses. Our tradie (and family friend) believes that bubbling and peeling is rare and that how they are treated has alot to do with it. It does raise the question  of how they are made to st…[Read more]

  • Hi koons,If I were in your position…  I would take the FREE money from FHOG, live in the property for 12 months as required in vic. (This property can always be sold). Renting ??? may be an option if I couldnt afford to buy but thats only waisting money in my veiw. The IVP sounds  great but without living in it you will loose the FHOG. Also lo…[Read more]


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