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  • Hi Wild Nothing,

    I’ve been to the Richmastery Property Academy seminar and from what I’ve seen of these guys (Phil Jones & David Hows) business they’re running a good operation. I believe they’re very switched on with what they’re doing and are building a business based on people as well as profit. They work closely with Brad Sugars also who’s a…[Read more]

  • I think the US already has the answer.

    They’re currently building a ‘floating city’. It’s basically a luxury cruise ship which houses 100,000 people, it’s 1.5km long and 17 stories high, has its own university, shopping centres, casinos, parklands, golf courses, airport, mariner, train line etc etc. It follows the sun around the globe docking in…[Read more]

  • quote:Also with a trust, aren’t you being double taxed on your income with a trust? I mean I pay PAYG income tax and then use some of that income to pay rent into the trust and being trustee the rent paid by my income is also taxable ?

    Unless it’s negitive geared, then you may even get a tax deduction against your personal income (depending on…[Read more]

  • quote:Leigh, on your other post I had to look up Warranbool to find out where the place is hiding.
    And your RIGHT it’s not on my investment list.
    If you keep buying properties in Warranbool you
    own the whole joint in a month!!!!

    Show me how to buy a town of 28,500 growing by the minute and I’m all ears [^]

    “If you can count your money, you…[Read more]

  • Hi mother,

    The colder the better! Bring on the snow [:D]!

    I think your idea is great regarding the photo’s, maybe we could organise an external page linked to the forum where we can all post our pics. Divide it into a couple of categories and Bob’s you uncle!

  • Hi Richmond,

    Isn’t it amazing the opportunities that can present themselves [:)].

    I’m very interested in catching up for a chat over a cup of coffee sometime. You never know what may come out of it.

    Are you heading to Steve’s seminar on the 26th? I believe you’re Melbourne based anyway?

    Cheers, Leigh

  • Hey johnboy,

    Will keep it in mind. I had actually thought of doing it for real, not on the NZ thing but on a different strategy. I’ve got a couple of friends into the reality TV show stuff (they received a grant from Channel 10 for a reality show based around a night out at a pub!) so it wouldn’t be too hard to put it together. Maybe I could…[Read more]

  • Hi Bruce,

    I think you may have the wrong idea on tax reductions. Paper loses, the type you see from real estate I would consider ‘good’ deductions. Expense deductions, the type you see from leases and borrowings I would consider ‘income reductions’ and thus ‘bad’. Maybe you don’t pay tax because you make no money?

    You may also have the wrong…[Read more]

  • Or there’s a sofabed at my place with toast and jam for FREE [:D]

  • Who said Sydney and Melb out perform regional areas in CG anyway? Buy in the right regional area and you’ll be surprised.

    Warrnambool for example has doubled across the board in under 3 years. I was talking to a mate on the weekend who’s just got into RE (as an agent [B)]) but he’s bought 4 cf+ properties there in the last 3 months. So cf+ and…[Read more]

  • I’m getting really excited about moving over there for a year with all of the posts on NZ lately.

    And seeing as I’m keen to see all of NZ (I love travelling and adventuring) and there seems to be abundant opportunities all over the place I’m contemplating a campervan approach, spend a month in 12 thought out hot spots/areas – at least 2 of those…[Read more]

  • Hi Harris,

    Search the forum for previous posts on investing in NZ, the finance side of things has been covered a few times in good detail.

    Short answer though – yes. The major Aussie banks also have branches in NZ and are willing to lend Aussies usually around 80% LVR on NZ properties.

  • Continueing on from the strategy Mini suggested I have seen another which looks really good (from Stuart Fitzgerald I think?).

    You accumulate properties over say 10 years then when you decide to retire (the goal was at the end of the 10 years) you sell the first 2/3 of the portfolio you purchased as these properties should’ve at least doubled in…[Read more]

  • I see BIG $$$’s for the person who gets in and buys 100’s of $20,000 properties this year. Remember there’s no capital gains tax or income tax over there!

  • Great post Mini (as always [;)]),

    RE: Aussie Investors heading to NZ.

    It seems like there’s more and more Aussies looking to NZ as they realise the returns on offer (and also as they realise they can’t afford to buy in Australia anymore).

    My question/observation is ‘What is this going to do for capital growth on a whole for NZ’. Australians are…[Read more]

  • Hey, Hey.

    I’ve just been discussing with Minimogul options of living in NZ for 12 months next year too.

    Thinking of Queenstown (snowboarding & fun also a priority [8D]).

    Mini’s getting upto 30% returns on her rentals!

    “If you can count your money, you don’t have a billion dollars”
    J. Paul Getty

  • I live in a new estate in Maribyrnong (inner NW Melb) and the amount of vacant townhouses is unbelievable. The properties have never been lived in, they’re really well fit out (3 storey, balconies, spas, Blanco kitchens, polished floors etc) the rent is cheap and there is about a 30% vacancy. We were offered 2 weeks free rent, an entertainment…[Read more]

  • Hi again,

    There are plenty of active wrappers on this forum so I might suggest that you leave your email and where you’re from in a post. Chances are someone will be wrapping in that area and can either help you out themselves or know someone that can. Check with admin before posting though because it may be against forum rules to leave that sort…[Read more]

  • The book was only just released and these guys do a fair bit of property and business trading so I would presume that it’s something they’ve done before.

    Of course there will be a lot of variables to consider.

    Not just anyone will own a property through a company. Only investors, and not all of them at that.
    The vendor will need to be…[Read more]

  • quote:I thought you only paid CG tax on the period in which your property was an investment property. i.e. if it was previously PPOR then that period of growth is exempt.

    True. I guess it depends how long you’ve owned it as a PPOR, and how long you think you’ll continue to live there once you turn it into an IP as to how much CG could be expected.

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