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  • Hi There,I think you are about to run on a great journey ahead!!!…. There are a few things that you should perhaps consider before you go to deep down the rabbit hole!If you are looking for hte fastest way to get to where you want to go…. then you should consider the following suggestions.Here is what I would do.1. Sit down and work out what…[Read more]

  • Good Point Terry…I just completed a Lease option here IN NZ (Today!) with $235/week nett cashflow….. and for various reasons the lenders were only going to give me finance at 14.75%… which would have cut me out of over $5,000/annum in interest…. So I went hunting and got a good main stream lender to gimme a business invesment finance for…[Read more]

  • Tysonboss1 wrote:
    If you enter into a wrap aggreement you will be paying more interest than you would be if you bought it and loaned the money from the bank, for the simple reason that the investor has loaned the money from the bank to buy the house for about 8%, so he will want to charge you 9% or 10% because the interest margin ( the…[Read more]

  • you could try whacking some timber around the bottom skirt of the building (I am assuming it is on piles being a fibro)….. make a door for under house access … and paint it a half tone darker than the rendering work…. I am asuming you are using an earthy colour something like Stone Henge… or stonington Beige…….Should look pretty good.

  • Hey all … good comments here…..My swing on it is ….Just do something! Basically there are 3 ways that most people have in thier skillset to make money out of property:1. Buy and Rent – If the yeild is there…. this is typically in the down cycle or slump in the market2. Buy Renovate and sell or refinance… if you can't get cashflow then…[Read more]

  • CastleDreamer wrote:
    Hi Tokyojoe, I see masteraccountants mentioned here. Quite a few Aussies are accessing his services for structure setup and accountancy in NZ… Cheers CastleDreamer NZ Investor and Property Spotter

    I have just finished with these guys and the structure they set up for me had a major flore in it!…..It is going to cost me…[Read more]

  • Hi Robert,Here are my suggestions.Go to a broker … or I hear Kiwibank is offering 8.6% 3 years fixed.Get an e – valuation from QV to give you an idea on the value.Do some comps on what is selling in the apartment block in the last 6 -9 weeks.Get 3 RE agents in to evaluate the property ( tell em you may be thinking of selling) – Get Comps off…[Read more]

  • Hi There,1. Read through your agency management contract and find out what the exit term is if you are not happy with the service.2. Interview other managers to find a better solution…. tell them you are pulling the pin and you want some references to call for confirmation that thier services are all that they are creacked up to be.3. Once you…[Read more]

  • All is in the eye of beholder….If you come from the side of the finance system that can get finance …. then it is hard to understand…. but if you put yourself in someone elses shoes that doe not have the opportunity …. then things change.Really if you think about it … it is like going into business and having to pay top interest (14.6%…[Read more]

  • I would do this….ONLY If you are certain of the discount is REAL!!!!!Get the property locked up  with a deposit bond and negotiate a 6-12 month settlement.with access to do renovations if necessary…. then get it financed on the new valuation in six months…. or sooner if you can prove a very significant rise in value by your efforts….. y…[Read more]

  • A couple of Ideas:- Go Below what you were looking to pay …. or – Offer your price and go for a soft discount (get them to pay 5% closing costs)… or- Offer discount price with a note paying more in 5 years… orOffer close to your price with a 6 month settlement + access for repairs and renovations…. this means you can add value without…[Read more]

  • Hey There,The beauty of these instruments are they are all flexible……. I tend to work out what the total payments over the term, (from the tenant) are and then work out an annual scale plan ….. if they go the whole 5 years … and they are paying say 500/week then I subtract the market rent (say 300 in this example) and the total amount of…[Read more]

  • Hey There,Try this….. Call the local council and speak with the local town planner. He will probably sent you to hte local website to give you all the info you need….. while he is on the phone get the stages and costs perstage + Time frames … so you can plan well.You will then need ot engage a surveyor and get it to submission stage….Good…[Read more]

  • Hey There,I have done it before….. While living in Aussie on an NZ purchase 95% …. if you want to contact my broker … she may be able to assist. PM me if you want thier details…..Tell then I put you onto them and they will take very good care of you!Its not what you know …. Its who you know!Cheers,Kiwi

  • Hey Sarah …. Thanks for sharing that one…. I have a house that had similar issues when I bought it and when I purchased it the day before settlement the tenant bailed :o)……. anyway I have had a bit of a run with tenants on it and still have hung on to it…. as the growth has been over 27% in less than 16 months…. It has still been a fun…[Read more]

  • Hi V8GHIA,Thanks for your encouragement!I am still finding deals in good areas in NZ that are in the 9% plus yeild range … and you are right though as it is the art of negotiation that brings the deals + the ability to screen quickly and sift through to those gems that have not appeared on the surface and work out how you can cut buff and shine…[Read more]

  • Hi jamiedellam ,I like your ideas….. I would like to assure you that your plans is very strong and it will take guts and copious amounts of resilience to others opinions…. epectially if they differ in opinion from you (what else is new right??).I can give you some quick tips based on my own expereince: ( lived in Sydney until Dec 06) and had…[Read more]

  • Hey all … I have not been on here for a while and it sounds like a age old chicken or the egg debate :o)I have done a lot of courses and have done Hans' more advanced courses (jumped past the basic one mentioned here)… I simply called up his office and spoke to Han's personally (you just have to take action) to see if I would have actually g…[Read more]

  • Hi There,(HI Paul and Karen also :o)To explain Paul and Karens comment a little further  "ii) We always keep the Rates and Insurance in our name and have the bills sent to us.  We don't want people chasing us for bills that haven't been paid by our wrapees.  Of course, the wrapees pay these bills."= This is added to the installment due on the fi…[Read more]

  • About 2K per annum roughly will give you and idea on repairs and maintenance… + 2-3% vacancy per annum.
    I you are getting hte house a 20% below market valuation (registered vals….) then you hsould be able get fairly close… if not you need to find a better deal and lett he mums and dads of the world (average investors) get hold of it ….…[Read more]

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