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  • Hakbm,I symphathise with you entirely.    I never have these problems with other builders.JTW

  • Bob, Thats why I am investing in the Brisbane western Corridor.  An extra  250,000 people , 96,000 jobs and about  80billion in infrastructure in this area over the next 15-20 years.    Yet prices down in the SEQ corner still cheap by comparision with just about everywhere else.  I am purchasing land , splitting or developing,  building  and selli…[Read more]

  • Bob,The guys I spoke to were good carpenters that ran there own business and subcontracted to 2 project builder of whom the spoke of highly.   Building costs are $665 per  M2   + carpet Tiles in living areas + light fittings + outside area concrete + landscape.  I mentioned these add ons so you can compare apples with apples. The house is W41 (N3…[Read more]

  • Bob,Western area of Brisbane. The project was a company built project via a supervisor, as per any other project builder.   I understand they also have builder franchise model and some of these people may be good. But also understand that my experience has been extremely poor. Add to this my circle of business friends etc who have the same o…[Read more]

  • Bob,I have had about 18 project homes built with various builders over the years, in fact I have another 2 under construction right now with a well known project builder. I have only ever had one project builder i disputed , Tamawood.  They were no where near good enough. I won't use them again.  I will use other project builders for inv…[Read more]

  • I rarely bother to comment on these posts, but Scamp you are negative, rude and unhelpful. Throughout my investing career I came across many like you and luckily I had a go and went ahead with my plans. The result for me has been very rewarding.Zebulan has not indicated he is any difficulty, he is merely seeking different opinions from other…[Read more]

  • Adam,Depending on the degree of difficulty, planning scheme requirements Min block size, SEQ Regional plan implications etc the costs  could be 20K-30K to  who knows how much.  I have completed a similiar project recently and found  the costs can in at about  75K each block. Costs covered stamp duty , solicitors, engineers, construction cost…[Read more]

  • I have already started sand bagging my position for any economic bombshells. Here is an interesting thought. Let's say you had a really bad tennants. They weren't paying thier debts and are wrecking the house. They run up a debt that is sending you broke. In fact you discuss passing this huge debt on to your kids to pay off it is so big.  You f…[Read more]

  • Amanda,I can symphathise with you on the frustration levels involved in developing. I have just completed a small sub division (3 blocks) and I have learnt a heap. In balance the rewards have been exceptionally good.  I am now undertaking a 100 lot subdivsion and I am applying my experience from last time so I hope the process will be easier.  I f…[Read more]

  • NicoleK,There are still some of areas where you can buy for $250K but probably  more the outer areas of Brisbane. One that immediately comes to mind is the Ipswich area which is undergoing mega growth. Another forumite AmandaBS knows this area pretty well and has a good website 'property divas'.  Other than that I don't of many areas off hand , th…[Read more]

  • jtw replied to the topic Deja vu in the forum General Property 15 years, 7 months ago

    BDM,Amazing how a public holiday long weekend can adversely affect plumbing. Guess what?  Yesterday, I had 2 seperate plumbing problems with my investments.  Phone rang at 9.30 (tennant A) and 11.00 am. (tennant B) Total bill ?  550 +Gst.   I know how you feel. The trials and tribulations of a landlord.JTW

  • jtw replied to the topic subdividing basics in the forum Value Adding 15 years, 8 months ago

    Crashy,   Each area has its own benifits and draw backs. As with reno's, subdivision is about creating a saleable product in the end. There is a process to follow and tricks of the trade you learn along the way like doing renos.I am just finishing a small subdivision project in QLD and I must say that AmandaBS should be commended on that great  po…[Read more]

  • I agree with Queenslander 07's comments. I wasn't aware of the water from Tieri being piped in, I can't think of any major water resource out that way? The idea of piping from Fairburn Dam (Emerald) had been floated for many years. In my humble opinion CF+ deals are not what they are cracked up to be IF you don't get real reliable capital gains.…[Read more]

  • Raddles,Glad you got value from it.  I don't think I am 'ignorant' , perhaps cautious, skeptical and tight with my moneyI was trying to give renabelz another view and other options. JTW

  • Having lived in Capella many years ago, I would offer the following for consideration.  Yes it is actually a nice little town and i have fond memories of it, but I wouldn't invest in it.   Water supply has always been a problem. Several booms have come and gone with rents at sky high prices for rent and then years of low rents and stagnation.  Mos…[Read more]

  • Raddles,I am glad that you got value from the course. I still think that reading books and this forum/somersoft are necessary to begin with. Personally I would take the 4K to get good personalised legal and accounting advice directly from a professional accountant and lawyer. Before this I would still need to have base knowledge, obtained from…[Read more]

  • Hi Foundation,I'd forgotten about this thread too. I am still  a 'slow and steady wins the race' type investor . I think that the sustained real estate prices and the improving outlook is still related to affordability.  We have very low unemployment, lower taxes, higher rent yields.  I think this will support prices and mildly improve them. An…[Read more]

  • Renabelz,4K seems a lot of money to pony up with for course. Of course the DVD will look fantastic, would you expect otherwise?Before ploughing in heaps for a course that may have a narrow focus on a few methods, I recommend READING WIDELY.Steve McKnights books are good, subscribe to Micheal Yardleys news letter, read Rich Dad Poor Dad series and…[Read more]

  • Have you looked at Yatala area in Qld ?  It is midway between Brisbane & Goldcoast, some major developments there. In terms of capital growth & security I can't think of better. 

  • Golderneye,A couple of things.   Firstly I would make serious enquiry about getting your trade Qualifications transfered.  We have family friends who moved over from the UK and settled at Forest Lake in QLD.  He had his qualifications transfered after some minor testing on the plumbing code and working with a licensed contractor for a year. Loo…[Read more]

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