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  • Just about to do the same thing.I went through my planner and had everything prepared in reference to fund etc etc.Basically I have alot of documents to sign and pay him a fee to set it all up.I just need to produce the Cq and I,m done.Lending really isnt a big deal as I have a fair bit  of equitycheers J

  • Hey D WheelerAt the moment your showing 20% equity in the property you own.I gather your from the UK based on the dollars your showing.If this is the case I dont know the leading % over there based on deposit requied for Property..If your looking at $63k for the new place it would be best to work of the 80/20 rule(20% deposit)This being the case…[Read more]

  • Hey Ms TrumpThe million dollar question.To answer this one quick I would go with a designer so they can designer the buildings to suit the block.You will still have to go through the planning process first which will involve consulting a civil Eng in some cases to complete the boundaries. Then working with a Townplanner to get planning…[Read more]

  • Hey Marty The guys above are on the right track, but I think I should go to Joshua as he is abit cheaper then my planner and designer.There is a couple of things to consider around planning to start with , which include consulting with a planner to ensure you can actually build the townhouses. Then you get the designer involved to complete…[Read more]

  • Hi HulksterRichard is on the right track in stating to see a broker, or bank you may be dealing with.If you had a line of credit the bank will lend the 20% for example against PPOR and it will be drawn up as a interest only account you have access to.The other 80% may be a land and construction loan to allow for the payments as the building is c…[Read more]

  • Hey ThekIts a catch 22 situation when it comes to agents.The standard commission for your area would be 3% for a house at $350-$375.I have built a couple of homes in that area (The Basin/Croydon) and always find its better to pay for a good agent.You really dont know what they can get for your house and if you do find that the sale is not going as…[Read more]

  • Hi SkuzI have to agree with the others on a first time reno.I have been completing renos and new properties for about 10 years of theCurrent projects is a subdivsion, including new townhouse next to a 100 yo victorian inner city melbourne which was a part demo, then a complete gut of the house.Started from stud walls inside , restump,…[Read more]

  • Hi BespokeAs jeffj has mentioned there is always money to be made in buying and selling property "correctly".To me it all comes back to the old word "research". Know you market and then you know  when to jump.Steve has mentioned a number of times in the past doing the sums on a project in five minutes (or something like that)If you know the…[Read more]

  • Hey macnattI,m about to have some demo work completed on a development next week.The house is an old victorian and a bad extension was built some years back. I have to restump the original house once the old extension is gone.The cost by two different guys was around $6500 to complete the whole house cheersJason

  • jssmith replied to the topic Building cost in the forum Help Needed! 15 years, 3 months ago

    Hi JamesI think Anthony is right on the mark .I have built with the mass builders (porter davis) twice for personal properties and the process was good and cost effective.You would be paying around $8,000 with extras from them. You might find the pricing up front is around $6500 PSQ , but it will go up with site costs and extras. The last house…[Read more]

  • Hey Navy boy Some interesting and very valid comments, i will put my two cents in.Last weekend I brought a property for a development purpose.Steves backyard Box Hill Sth.The property was listed at a good price for the area, actually very good.The house is located on a coner block and has an inground pool on the actual corner.So the plan is to…[Read more]


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