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  • Hi Hinga

    Your post is very detailed, but if this is your first dip in to the realms of investing, just a few pointers and yes i sell property but not where you are looking so not fishing.

    *An investment should be purely about the numbers, detached from what you like, its just numbers.
    *You don’t need to like the look or the color or even the…[Read more]

  • JSA-Property replied to the topic Dual Income /Duplex in the forum Help Needed! 2 years ago

    Hi Raj

    You are correct the prices of duel’s are high but so are the returns for now!

    I have sold several in the last year in QLD as low as $515,000 and as high as $899,000 if you are thinking of getting a purchase i would do so sooner than later,
    my most recent update on Duel’s in QLD is that the local councils are changing the build criteria to…[Read more]

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  • Stewart replied to the topic Buyers Agent in the forum Help Needed! 2 years ago

    Hi Valluvan

    Investing is all about the reasons you are doing it? is it for your future or is it for an immediate ROI?
    A buyers agent will know or be able to find out details of an area if you give them a criteria to work to, but it will cost you a fee, small as it maybe its still an out of pocket expense before you have even started your…[Read more]

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