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  • My point exactly, do your homework, when using these guys. You only have yourself to blame if you pay no than you need to and the tradie has the extra money in his pocket instead of you because you didn't scrutinise him poperly.You're not obligued to use any one tradie, or any other business or profession for that matter. There is still a lot of…[Read more]

  • Be my guest and pay your tradies what ever you want, even if they overcharge.By saying that tradies don't overcharge, and anyone else for that matter, you're making two incorrect assumption here;1. all tradies are honest and will only charge a fair and reasonable price 2. tradies are somehow different from the general population and will never be…[Read more]

  • Some tradies DO charge too much, hoping that their potenial client will either be in a hurry to get the job done or not have done his homework and obtained other quotes – just read my post on 2 Nov and you'll see what I mean.Also, as many others on this thread have said, its not only the price – if you do your research you will get a competitive…[Read more]

  • To Tysonboss and others like you;Don't worry, you can keep your apparent 'liitle' secret about positive gearing properties. I'm sure if it was making you so wealthy you wouldn't bother being on this forum big noting yourself. Its a sure bet that this is how you are in real life – just like one of those desperate people we come across now and then…[Read more]

  • I had a tiler turn up once. He had one look at the job and said it was too hard and complicated for him and he didn't want the hassle. This is after I described it to him in detail over the phone and gave him ample opportunity to not quote at all. Surely he would have had some idea if he could do the job then. I told him thanks for waisting my…[Read more]

  • i think a bit of both.Also, i think he wanted to do as little a possible and get paid as much a possible, another bogan trait.

  • I never mentioned anything about a bogan being lower class or only being a labourer – you did diclem. You see, there are a lot of bogans with 9-5 jobs as well, and there are a lot of 'refined' tradies, for lack of a better word.In my book, a bogan is a person who doesn't give a crap about most things, including trying to rip off people and…[Read more]

  • m.pulley wrote:
    jfiori,How many major renovations have yuo done?I seriously hope it's more than the one you are claiming before saying you are qualified to make such bold assertions.No I am not a tradie, but I do know quite a number of excellent tradies.One of them doesn't even bother to quote if when he is played off against other…[Read more]

  • Remember, beware of the C.U.B.'s (Cashed Up Bogans). Also remember, CUB's can only rip you off if you're stupid or naive enough to pay them, so the onus is on you to do your homework and weed out the CUB's.A case in point, I just had my old driveway removed. One guy quoted me $3,500. But after some legwork, I eventually got it done for $850. I…[Read more]

  • Poor Javro, he's a real "battler" isn't he, my heart bleeds. i've come across his type before – they're called C.U.B.'s (Cashed Up Bogans) trying to pass themselves off as battlers being hard done by but in actual fact ripping off everyone in sight. Beware of the C.U.B.'s.I'm sorry that Javro is the one who lowers the reputation of all decent tr…[Read more]

  • You obviously haven't properly read (or understood) my previous post Jayro. So just for your benefit, I will explain it to you again like a two year old. The only real problems I had were with the plumbers. Most were very arrogant, pricey and rude. I initally trialled a few of them and managed to get hold a very good one, and stuck with him. When…[Read more]

  • I only use qualified and licenced tradies, be they builders, plumbers etc. I check that they are registered with the QLD BSA, which requires them to be fully qualified and registered. The QBSA website also has a register revealing any previous or current diputes or rulings against them. All domestic building work or renovations done by these…[Read more]

  • DiclemThe reno was sufficiently separated that the building work was carried out prior to and in a totally separate location from the plumbing. The previous plumbers I used were before I started on the reno and it gave me an opportunity to see what was out there, thank god I did that! The cowboys out there was scarey.  I prefer to trial some…[Read more]

  • I've just finished a major renovation, so I think I have pretty good first hand knowledge in dealing with tradies.My general experience is that plumbers are generally the worst culprits when it comes to reliability, price and workmanship. I used about five plumbers in my reno and only one had any idea of customer service and charging a reasonable…[Read more]


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