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  • Richard we are in Perth and our property is in the southwest in Dalyellup near the ocean.

    Thanks Ethan. Tax is definitely an issue. I do not want a rental property where we are not getting the benefits of deducting our taxable income and paying tax on any rental income we receive. I would like to be able to negatively gear so that we can reduce…[Read more]

  • Thank you Benny this is very informative and helpful. I am going to seek out a professional to speak with now that I have a basic understanding. Any idea how I go about finding a good advisor and what job title should be seeking out? I.e should we look for an accountant or do we need someone with a different job title? I agree this should be a…[Read more]

  • Sandra thanks for your reply it has given me something to think about. Unfortunately I don’t think we want to repurpose the building as it’s location does not offer a great deal of options for management of such facilities. Also Australian tax law is probably significantly different to the scenario in the USA. I do appreciate your time though.

  • Thanks Jamie so am I understanding correctly that if I now borrow against our mortgage free property (i.e the bank uses our home as an asset for a mortgage) and the money is used to purchase an investment property I can then for tax purposes treat both as investment properties and not have to pay tax on the rental income of our PPOR due to…[Read more]

  • Our situation…please help?

    For years we diligently paid off our mortgage on our home using it as our main asset. Two years after paying our mortgage off our circumstances have changed and we had to relocate two hours north. We have now been in a rental for 5 months and our mortgage free home is on the market. We have been unable to sell our…[Read more]

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Good vibes

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