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  • I agree with Simon’s comments. I also have first hand experience with DHA as a tenant and manager of troops. Many of my friends have DHA investment homes. Some are happy, some think it was a mistake. They are long term, non-negotiable, have high fees & fixed term investments bought at high prices compared to other homes in the area. They are…[Read more]

  • Firstly, welcome to the forum Jodee.

    I am new here to, but I think being here is the first step to your goal.

    Have a look in the Finance section for relevant threads. Also, it may help to speak with one of the Mortgage Brokers lurking around here…

    Good luck

    …emotion clouds good judgement but is a defining element of character.

  • Do a search for threads containing “birddog” … you will quickly find all you need I think


    …emotion clouds good judgement but is a defining element of character.

  • To control kids access I suggest:

    1. Parental control filter software.
    2. Use a small network or OS capable of setting up different access rights.
    ie. Using Windows XP on NTFS (not FAT32) you can give limited access accounts to kids, then they can’t change/install things that the ‘Administrator’ (you) doesn’t want them to.

    I use a wireless ADSL…[Read more]

  • ahh redwing…. LMAO [^]

    That sums up the female ideology for me…

    Marketing = Hard Sell … to me anyway

    …emotion clouds good judgement but is a defining element of character.

  • Firstly, I know 5/8 of stuff all about investment.

    But, I am fairly proficient at maths. If you borrow $x and fix the rate at 0.5% higher than available variable rate, then after 6 months rates rise by 0.5%, then another 6 months later they rise again by 0.5%, then you have broken even against the variable rate. And this is after 1.0% rise in…[Read more]

  • THANK YOU for this thread… I was going to attend my first meeting on Wed night & all going well, intended to consider using the Investment Club as a convenient vessel.

    Upon reading the ‘threads’, links, articles & some further searches, I have well and truly changed my mind. Thanks melbear, adrianbrown, Qlds007 & all others.

    I will be staying…[Read more]

  • I used to live in Innisfail once upon a time… not to far from Ingham and I only know this:

    The sugar industry is feeling the pinch and the Aust/US freetrade agreement did nothing to help. The area is predominately primary producers – sugar cane growers. From an economic standpoint I would be cautious.

    Then again I know 5/8 of stuff all. That…[Read more]

  • asti27.3 said:
    I dont think you should help your children. My parents have never helped me financialy and I think it is one of the best things they have done for me.

    Well I guess you were just lucky when they taught you how to cross the Highway! Just watch and hope you don’t get squashed? (I realise this is not a financial context)

    I have…[Read more]

  • I would like to add to the Townsville/Cairns sub-thread.

    Townsville has a large population with regular turnover for mainly ADF and Uni pers. Hence, there is generally a good property demand. ADF numbers including family would rival the Uni presence (in my opinion) & they tend to have more disposable income.

    Cairns is tourism based. High…[Read more]

  • haojile!

    you yisi…[:)]

    …emotion clouds good judgement but is a defining element of character.

  • I almost certainly will be buying one, but have my sights set on two.

    Depends upon opportunities, but I am interested, even as a ‘new starter’ [;)]

    …emotion clouds good judgement but is a defining element of character.

  • I spent many years living on the wrong side of the credit card line… I am never going there again.

    Don’t get me wrong, credit cards can be a very useful financial tool at times but exercise extreme caution with. ie. use good financial discipline.

    I think using an equity ‘line of credit’ is better if in a position to do so. And as for…[Read more]

  • I think caution needs to be exercised when blindly stating an interest rate as a %.

    There are current rates advertised at 5.9% but their comparative rate is over 0.5% higher.

    A figure is a figure to me… it is what underpins that figure which then reveals the True cost. I am not trying to be negative here… honest.

    And good luck to those of…[Read more]

  • Indifference replied to the topic All i Want in the forum No Subject 18 years, 12 months ago

    I just wish I could absorb information as easily as extracting oxygen out of every breath…
    Maybe then I would have a spare 7-8 hours a day to enjoy.
    Might even be able to find a good job and save some money in the bank…[:I]

    …emotion clouds good judgement but is a defining element of character.

  • Indifference replied to the topic evil in the forum Opinionated! 18 years, 12 months ago

    I believe Social Conditioning is the root of all evil.

    I can’t think of one war or conflict that didn’t have this point underpinning the superficial issues.

    Just look at Iraq – sure the Yanks like to control everything like oil, but what was/is of greater importance is regional stability. Each ethnic group in the region has some belief that a…[Read more]

  • If governments were held accountable as per corporate industry, then HK would have a long line of Pollies to relate to…

    From what I have been “fed” by the media, I hope he pays in some way for his actions. But what he has done is really not that different to what happens at Capital Hill every other day… except that they can take more than…[Read more]

  • A lot of the inner suburbs have already experienced tremendous growth over the last few years so it depends on budget really…

    I still think Redcliffe Peninsula is worth investigating. No rail there but that is part of the appeal as it is on the bay. Particularly Clontarf.

    As for closer in suburbs, I like Ferny Hills/Grove (end of rail line),…[Read more]

  • Yes… they are the same institutions that will let you pay twice the interest if you feel the need.

    Actually, let me loan you some money… [:p]

    …emotion clouds good judgement but is a defining element of character.

  • I grew up in SEQ & so have a ‘stigma’ I can not shake in regards to Ipswich… but that probably equates to me missing some good opportunities.

    I prefer areas to the north east of Brisbane. Why?

    Close to or on the bay, good commute to CBD, train to Shorncliffe, and the Peninsula is just too attractive to pass up.

    As for Toowong/St…[Read more]

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