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Helen de Walais

  • @knightm I emailed my contact again and he confirmed that he *did not pay* the buyer’s agent!
    So, based on the information everyone has provided, it could be that the person claming to be a buyer’s agent was not in fact a ‘real’
    BA. I was not really in a position to say anything about this to the guy (after all, he has bought the place now).…[Read more]

  • Thank you @knightm, yours is a helpful response.
    I did search the forum but obviously what I am looking for is not too easy to find.
    I had not heard of REBAA but I will also look into that, thanks!
    Also your question (1) about the buyer’s agent sounds interesting, my contact said that no fee was payable except on sale.
    Not sure if he paid the BA…[Read more]

  • Sorry it does not make sense but it is a true story, I met and talked to this guy about it.
    So far this is the only person I have heard from about actually using a buyer’s agent.
    He was happy with the property that the agent found, and the price, it was the paperwork that was a nightmare.
    The bank certainly sounded incompetent. The issue was…[Read more]

  • Well it looks like my post has now been hijacked,not bad for a first attempt at a question on this forum!
    @knightm I have searched the forum and have not found anything helpful from anyone who actually *used* a buyer’s agent.
    Which was my question.
    I guess there isn’t anyone on the forum able to share this experience, a shame. I expect that…[Read more]

  • Yes I gathered that Richard since his name is Rob. Is it against the forum rules to self-promote?

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  • de Walais replied to the topic Buyer's agent in the forum Help Needed! 4 years, 3 months ago

    Thanks so much for the comments, it would be great to hear the experience from someone who had actually used a buyer’s agent.
    I am considering buying in Tasmania and love in Queensland, so I think the distance alone could make this worthwhile.
    I am not finding many buyer’s agents in Tassie though..could be an opportunity!


  • Hello forum experts

    I am considering if I should use a buyer’s agent for buying a property.
    Has anyone used a buyer’s agent? Did you think it was worth it?
    What are the costs involved? It’s pretty easy to work out rates for real estate agents and rental agents but these guys seem to keep their cards close to their chest.

    Thanks for the feedback!

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Helen de Walais

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