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  • Thanks for your quick reply, Terry!

    I guess I should have been more specific – I'm looking at either finding a like-minded investor (with more experience) to co-invest in a project. I assume this forum may be a hub for people who would be interested in such an arrangement?

    Thanks again,

  • Thank you to both Terry and Wilko – definitely appreciate being steered in the right direction.

    In regards to GST implications, are there any definitive guides as to how GST would be treated (I.e. Margin scheme)? As you can probably see, I'm still getting my head around the feasibility analysis of development. Clearly quite a few factors to…[Read more]

  • Thanks Shahin, appreciate the response.

    I've consulted with NAB and their position is:

    1. The LMI purchased (8k) secured against a debt ratio of 89% may need to be repaid if I sell the PPoR, even if the debt to equity ratio remains at 89% for the IP alone. 

    2. I cannot order an upfront valuation to determine the value of the IP – they will only…[Read more]

  • Thanks Josh – your help most certainly has helped establish a conclusion.

  • Thanks for the insightful responses guys.

    I should have clarified, but the $1.1k strata is actually per quarter (not annual). I have my other investment property two streets away with strata under $400 pq.

    I guess the bottom-line is:

    High strata fees being a deterrent to future buyers in a softer market

    A couple of "ageing" issues around the…[Read more]

  • Thanks for that Dark Night – it's in North Parramatta.

    I guess the goal isn't the short term maximisation of cash flow (i.e. what renting another room would achieve) but maximising the opportunity against the current demand context and in the process and offloading a potentially difficult property to sell when strata goes up and the property…[Read more]

  • Hi guys,

    Thank you so much for your insightful wisdom – certainly rules out the opportunity of sub-dividing the apartment.

    It still seems like an interesting opportunity given the sheer magnitude of the apartment (it's the only 4 bdr that's really existed in this area for quite some time).

    Given the rarity of the find, I'm finding it hard to…[Read more]

  • Thanks Derek and Catalyst.

    The apartment is in pretty bad shape now; the $300 rent per week reflects this, as the median sits between $350-400 in the suburb for similar properties

    I understand the concept of the reno costing let's say $1.3k a year in interest, assuming I am borrowing to renovate. If I do renovate, however, I will be using cash…[Read more]


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