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  • hi all
    I would like to explain one very simple answer to your question
    and its a question that most companies around the world and for that mater most companies wishing to invest in chian have asked and they don’t get a very good answer howdo you invest in china.
    and for me it very simple and will but it in a western view point
    you don’t, because…[Read more]

  • hi all
    interesting post.
    not many have said they have gone broke and come back this is very interesting to me as most very successfull people have been broke or near to it.
    you only know the value of money when you don’t have it and then when you have been to the bottom of the barrell you know you are not going to level again and yes I have…[Read more]

  • hi all
    most caveat lending does not go over 80% lvr of the property that you are lending against and is a second or third registered mortgage.
    there are alot a foot in this market and the person wanting the funds must go thru a broker in nsw now to my understanding.
    it is not the case that the person can’t get funding from a bank or a lender via…[Read more]

  • hi gecko
    tax laws have and are changing and I would recommend henson liang you can email him thru ashfield partners sydney.
    he runs the gpfund out of china and has a chinese real estate base also.
    I would be very wary about direct investing in china and its only for the funds for me.
    I have a couple projects that are going in there but they are…[Read more]

  • hi salacious
    not sure wht type of chinese investing you are looking at but bank of china here can help with accounts over there.
    my next project is china but running the investment from here,
    not an easy task.
    if need be by all means email me at with your questions and will see how I can help.
    china is a every big market and…[Read more]

  • hi all
    just a quick note.
    dannads its not uncommon to cash up and get ready for a movement I am doing the same at the moment myself but for a very different reason as I want to change a unlisted trust into a listed trust and that takes cash.
    the wa market still has more time to go for me and will still increase there are rumblings in china and if…[Read more]

  • hi L.A Aussie
    not on this post but my view is that you should start with a structure not start building half way thru.
    if your accountant is telling you that you should by in your own name for tax reasons I would have a chat with another accountant.
    ppor are ok in your name but ip’s arn’t and bepending on the structure you build buying i your own…[Read more]

  • hi all
    just thought I’d find out did your year go well.
    mine did
    and did meet my target which for me is great.
    I have set a higher target next year and this one is about 2.5 time this one so will see if I get up that hill and a minor mountain it is.
    I will have a new website very soon name already organised and is part of the mountain.
    I set goals…[Read more]

  • hi The Contrarian
    unlocking equity is not as simple as it may seem and is more of a structure and a way of doing it for me i posted sitloti on somersoft maybe some one here can add the link and it a way of unlocking equity.
    you do need to set the structure up from the start of investing and to unlock your parents equity is not some thing I would…[Read more]

  • hi Mikey P
    the china market is not slowing and won’t a while yet there is still along way to go and is a market that I am looking at investing in.
    its has not alot to do with the 2008 games its more to do with pulling in and holding world currencies and having a very big bank account and using that to exploit minerals and commodities in that…[Read more]

  • hi speight
    I know alot of people in fiji still and have dealings with baywest electrical in suva so there is a good chance that yes I have met your father last time I was there I was having a drink with what I call the grand father of fiji and was the best priminister fiji has had until mr rambuka took him out of office and I had a drink with him…[Read more]

  • hi all
    as some one that know also alot about fiji
    as I setup what was the reef resort and is now outriggers on the coral coast
    and helped setup the laundry in suva hospital
    I have had alot to do with fiji.
    fiji is the same as most of the island countries in that they have there own way of doing things and you must learn that way before you…[Read more]

  • hi
    there are a couple of reasons for using a company instead of in your own name and these are only examples and are not to be used for any form of investing.
    1. yes the company is usually used with a trust and depending on the type of trust will depend how and why you want to distribute profit,loss,equity or unit holding and thye are all very…[Read more]

  • hi all
    I hope you have enjoyed it.
    I have put up this chapter as it will be a while until I get to the next one as I am in the middle of converting one of my comm shop fronts to my office and will have most of the team for this project in there.
    got the electricity on today and phone and adls goes in tomorrow.
    cc is already underway and hope to…[Read more]

  • hi all
    if you mirror what you do best will always succeed

    here to help
    contact me if you wish

  • Hi all
    With regards to this project I will know post the deals of the project as we have exchanged and are moving forward.
    The value of the site in 2003 was 10mil
    An option holder paid 800k for an option on the land to purchase the land at 8mil
    And proceeded to spend in excess of 800k in added option fees from that date today.
    The land owners had…[Read more]

  • hi
    somersoft also have a group go to somersoft join and ask when the next meeting is on
    I go to the sydney one not had one for a while we did try to get a sydney meeting going but stopped for some reason.

    here to help

  • hi
    I would do similar to terry but i would the equity lend the value of the ppor against a commercial I would then take the cash flow the excess cash flow from that commercial( the difference between the repayment money to the bank and the rent) and us that to cover the shortfall on that block of units by the river or another development site.
    I…[Read more]

  • hi gazman1976
    I will continue this post once I have got over a little legal issue. and not for a board at this stage.
    with regard how I got here is I have been doing developing with a couple of groups for some time and I was the person that alloted to organise the brokers and funding.
    after being at the meeting with the lenders and understanding…[Read more]

  • hi all
    here is something that is out side the box but is doable and is not to be seen as any form of investing its for information only.
    what happens is you trade your equity into a project for a return of 22% the developer takes the complete loan from a bank or lender to there equity and your equity plus your interest for the duration of the…[Read more]

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