• Max Acountants posted an update 5 months ago

    Tax Return Checklist
    If you are preparing to send us documents for completion of the Financial statements and tax returns, we require the following:

    • Computer records e.g. MYOB reconciled to 30 June.

    • Copy of Bank statements with 30 June balance.

    • Copy of Loan Statements with 30 June balance.

    • Trade debtors and creditors listing as at 30 June

    • Stock on Hand as at 30 June.

    • PAYG Payment Summary statements.

    • Workcover certification.

    • Assets additions and deletions listing.

    • Copies of Finance schedules for financed assets.

    • Dividend statements

    • Buy and/or Sell Contracts for shares

    • Details of contributions.

    Where contributions consist of employer and member contributions, a breakup of the amounts applicable to each member of the fund • Details of cheque and deposit payments from your bank account. For more details visit: http://www.goldcoasttax.com/index.php?/our-services.html