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  • Hi Cata,

    Sounds like a great idea; count us in… We’d be coming from Chelmer so we’re reasonably central regardless.
    Let us know details when you do…

    Gerrit Goerres

  • Thanks for the link Derek,
    If this is a good starting place then perhaps it might be wise for me as a novice to, well, gain a bit more experience first… Still, something to consider down the track.
    Gerrit B.Goerres

  • Ok, thanks very much for the info guys. At the very least you have prompted me to look further into this, albeit cautiously.
    All the best,
    Gerrit B.Goerres[specool]

  • GBv.G replied to the topic New CDROM resource – free in the forum Heads Up! 14 years ago

    Thank you from me too, and also much appreciated…

  • GBv.G replied to the topic What the BLeep Do We Know? in the forum Heads Up! 14 years ago

    Hello again
    I have to confess (and please pardon the pun…) that I come from a rather different perspective with regard to ‘religious persuasion’ or belief, although I criticize nobody for theirs and expect the same in return. Having said that, for those that are concerned about what, on one level, appears to be a conflict between wealth creation…[Read more]

  • Hello there
    My partner and I have been involved with (wait for it…) the number one nutritional company in North America, Canada, New Zealand and of course Australia. I know, I know, how many times have you heard that one?


    Incidently, it’s almost uncanny at times when I listen to or read something from Steve McKnight how not even similar…[Read more]

  • GBv.G replied to the topic What the BLeep Do We Know? in the forum Heads Up! 14 years ago

    Hello there
    Had to add my 5 cents worth. We saw “What the Bleep Do We Know?” before it was released in Australia and were that impressed with it that when we found it on a P2P program, we just felt that as many people as possible had to see it. 95% just didn’t get it but the reaction of the other 5% made the effort worthwhile… I think that…[Read more]


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