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  • Wolverine,

    I went to a 2 day seminar run by Ed Burton earlier this year and found it excellent. It was priced around $2,000 or less. Topics covered included.
    1. Positive geared real estate
    2. Asset Protection
    3. Wills eg. testementary trusts
    4. investing in managed funs off shore
    5. Tax planning
    6. Setting up a SMSF

    The only downside to the…[Read more]

  • Arty,

    Have you considered ROmsey or Lancefield? Or are they too far out.



  • Richard,

    Wouldn’t wrapping in your super fund produce a fairly low rate of return or around 5% or so as you would have to have enough funds to buy the house outright.

    Best regards,


  • Fullout,

    I would recommend you go see your accountant, he should know a lawyer who can establish a trust deed for your super fund and also brief you on the regulations of managing s super fund. For example a super fund can’t borrow money and gone are the days where your super fund buys your PPOR and rents it to you. There is also a number of…[Read more]

  • Nicole,

    I have never heard of Westpoint Finance, but I would be very sceptical of a company that on one hand is trying to teach you about property investing and on the other hand is trying to sell you real estate.(from their web site looks like off the plan apartments they have developed). Maybe try a search on off the plan apartments on this…[Read more]

  • Justin,

    My advice for you is to go and see your accountant. Rules governing super funds are very strict, the most critical one is that they are not allowed to borrow any money. SO if you wanted your super fund to invest in property they would have to buy the property outright or buy through one of the known property trust etc.
    Make sure you get…[Read more]

  • Aussierouge,

    My pick would be Zoe, another name from left field for you to consider, we named our Daughter Charly!!

    Best regards,


  • Gavin replied to the topic I NEED HELP!!! in the forum No Subject 17 years, 9 months ago


    Have you tried Residex, they publish reports on cities and major towns, I think mainly on the eastern seaboard. The reports shown the rentail yield and estimated capital growth for say the next 5 years.

    Hope this helps



  • Thanks for your reply Felicity. [:)]

    I thought I heard Steve say the same as you, only I couldn’t remember on what tape or CD I heard it on.

    I will speak to our accountant today to get his opinion. Does anyone else do it differently[?][?]


  • Dear Rachel,

    The FHOG varies in each state, it is not something you have to register for. It is up to the wrappee to apply for the FHOG but you may have to hold their hand in the application.

    In QLD i believe the FHOG is only due when the wrapee has lived in the property for 1 year.

    Hope this helps



  • Dear Elements of Design,

    Am not 100% sure but I would believe that the rent assistance will go but the family tax benefit will stay.
    Anybody know for sure?

    Best regards


  • Dave

    We have just started out in the property game and after attending Steve’s Melbourne seminar we came back to the country and thought the same thing, where are these properties.

    We are a long way from Melbourne. We were determined to get started though, and have now found a good area where the numbers do add up well. The catch for us is…[Read more]

  • We are actually just starting out wrapping. We only ran our ad a few weeks ago and are presently in the middle of doing our first couple of wraps. We are very green and we learn heaps from this forum every day.


  • Hi Gianni,

    We used the ad on Steve’s ‘Classified Ad Secrets’ and we got wonderful results from it. Would definately recommend it!!


  • Thanks for the reply AD.
    We are only advertising the idea, we don’t actually have any properties. Hopefully that won’t be for too long now though. The phone is still ringing today, so hopefully we will get some good leads out of this and be on our way.

    Good luck for your ad this week.


  • Hi.

    I have just one more question, is the FHOG available for wraps in NSW. The Wrap library says that it is available in Victoria but not sure in NSW. Can anybody confirm this please.



  • Thank you to Steve and everyone for your replies.

    You have certainly given me alot to think about. I am in the same situation as Felicity and want to increase my cashflow for the same reasons. At least I know that it can be done now.

    Thank you Mike for your detailed reply. It took me a while to get my head around the numbers but I think I have…[Read more]

  • Is there anybody out there that can help us[?]



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