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  • foston replied to the topic Bird Dogs? in the forum Help Needed! 15 years, 6 months ago

    Hi Tait,

    DD found our first IP for us, he is a great guy with a wealth of knowledge on investment properties.He is from Coffs Harbour but he does find deals in QLD as well.Look in the members section for his details and pm him.


    Life is a series of new beginnings

  • We recently had depreciation schedules for 2 IPS prepared by Quality Inspections Australia, Very happy with their services and reasonably priced too. I will pm you their details.


    Life is a series of new beginnings

  • We are having the roof on one of our IPS restored next week.The tiles are monier concrete about 30 years old, quite porous and the colour has faded.We have had quotes ranging from $2500 – $6500. we settled on a price 0f $3200 + $200 for 2 whirlybirds, this includes rebedding and repointing of the ridge cappings and replacing any broken tiles. The…[Read more]

  • Try this.


    Life is a series of new beginnings

  • Hi ptKing,

    API magazine usually has several ads for companies selling positive cashflow properties.


    Life is a series of new beginnings

  • As with most areas in QLD Marsden has had capital growth in the last 2 years. The median price for the Marsden area is around the 196k mark and rental returns should be in the 200+ range depending on the type and size of the house.


    Life is a series of new beginnings

  • Hi Hoppa,

    Have sent a pm with contact details of a very good broker.


    Life is a series of new beginnings

  • Originally posted by lukis p:
    Yes business can be a good money earner. Property allows peace of mind and a “passive” income stream. It has been the vehicle of wealth to the masses, it has histoy positive growth. And at the end of the day if we ever see another resession people will eat out less but they will always need a home. I would imagine…[Read more]

  • Originally posted by redwing:
    Hi everyone,

    I was reading the financial review and thought these questions would be great to put to everyone in the forum and i invite everyone to complete them.

    I look forward to any responses from the diverse group of investors we have herein

    What was your first investment? 2 bed townhouse
    What are your…[Read more]

  • foston replied to the topic Deals of late. in the forum Help Needed! 15 years, 8 months ago

    BTW, I’m 25, so starting a bit late, but have to start somewhere/sometime.

    Hi Andyw,

    I wish i had started when i was 25, i’m 47 and have just started investing in property this year, bought our first ip in June, a 2 bed townhouse,the house next door is our 2nd.It’s never too late.

    Life is a series of new beginnings

  • foston replied to the topic Deals of late. in the forum Help Needed! 15 years, 8 months ago

    Just bought property next door to our ppor, settles on Friday. Lowset 3 bedroom brick and tile with 1 carport and 1 L/U garage on 774 m2 block in Logan City south of Brisbane. Paid 130k, needs about 20k spending on it, should value at around 190k when finished. Will be rented for $185 per week.


    Life is a series of new beginnings

  • Hi Joner,
    I don’t think it was a waste of my time going as i did pick up some very good info, even though as i said the advertising for the course was a little misleading regarding the renovating content. As to whether i think it was worth the $200 , if i utilise the info and knowledge gained i would say yes it was worth it,and maybe much more,…[Read more]

  • Hi Joner,
    I recently attended Denise Allen’s renovation course at Noosa. Jack Weavers plays a very large part during the course of the day. It was a full day jampacked with info. Although the course is advertised as a renovation course, it covered much more such as setting up trusts etc, wealth creation and various other subjects. I can not…[Read more]

  • Originally posted by SteveMcKnight:

    Well, all I can say is sorry for the glitch.

    I am currently looking to try to help all those who missed out (and are on the waiting list) by running an alternate event on a similar basis.

    Stay tuned for more information…


    Steve McKnight

    Remember that success comes from doing things…[Read more]

  • Originally posted by bbruham:
    My goodness!!!! I’ve never been invited to anything in my life.
    I’m the most unloved person in the the world.
    Everyone hates me!
    Mother-in-law is suing me.
    That’s only one story.
    Now Mr Steven McKnight is inviting ME to his book launch!…But the queue.. it will be as long as when they opened that new Krippy Kreme…[Read more]

  • Originally posted by trisha007:
    Anyone else miss out because they couldn’t get the link up?[angry2]

    By the way, perhaps I can catch up with all you Melbournites that go and find out how it went?

    Shame I cant purchase an autographed book Steve…


    I Tried for several days but also couldn’t get the link to work, sent off an email…[Read more]

  • foston replied to the topic Save save save ! in the forum No Subject 15 years, 10 months ago

    Hi emcdonald,

    I think the first thing you must do is determine just how serious you are about buying your first ip.
    Then if you are really serious set a goal and then work out a strict budget.
    You will be surprised just how much you most likely waste each week on unnecessary items.
    Stick to your budget and save, save ,save.

    We have an ING direct…[Read more]

  • foston replied to the topic Low bids in the forum Help Needed! 15 years, 10 months ago

    Making low offers does pay off in certain circumstances. The house next door to us is a rental property which the owner had let run down a bit and the tenants had expressed their unhappiness with their landlord to us on several occassions, due to his lack of maintenance on the property.
    They also were quite happy to show us the problems the house…[Read more]

  • The Brisbane investors group (BIG) has a new venue, meetings are now held at the Construction Training Centre, 460 – 492 Beaudesert Rd. Salisbury, in the Ian Barclay building, conference room 2.2, 7.30 pm on the last Tuesday of the month.

    Life is a series of new beginnings

  • foston replied to the topic Five Year Plan in the forum General Property 16 years ago

    Hey bbruham,
    You’re gonna be dead and loving it at an early age i reckon.[ohno2]Slow down man and smell the roses, you’re working yourself into an early grave.[wreck]


    Life is a series of new beginnings

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