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  • Fibejebe replied to the topic Mandurah in the forum Help Needed! 15 years, 9 months ago

    We have had a number of properties in Mandurah – still have 5. Bought one in Old Mandurah Marina for $290K in June 2000, sold it January 2004 for $490K (private sale – no commission.) Have one Dudley Park purchased 1998 for $85K. Zoned R40 (4 unit development site.) Current value $300-$320K. Rentable at $150-$160 per week. (We moved out of it 2…[Read more]

  • Fibejebe replied to the topic Mandurah in the forum Help Needed! 15 years, 9 months ago

    Positive cashflow in Mandurah? You gotta be kidding! Everyone wants to live here. [biggrin] It is the Gold Coast of the West Coast without the tacky highrise and cheap touristy junk. You are 12-18 months too late to get a bargain here.

  • Fibejebe replied to the topic Whatever happened to… in the forum Forum Frolic 16 years ago

    Hi Kay,
    I didn’t see the documentary, but there has been a lot of research in the past about “obese wives – insecure husbands”. It appears these husbands feed their partners and keep them obese in fear that should they be slender they will run off with another man. Unfortuantely I worked with a woman where this was exactly what happened. She lost…[Read more]

  • Fibejebe replied to the topic Owners from hell !!! in the forum No Subject 16 years ago


    If you are really concerned about this woman you can phone the WA Psychiatric Emergency Team on 1800 676 822 and ask them to pass the information on to the nearest community mental health service. You are the only one on this forum with her address. Basically read your initial post out to them and they will follow it up.


    See full story above, but a few quotes:

    A British man today said he had offered to buy the suburban Sydney house where Sef Gonzales slaughtered his family, and open it as a tourist attraction.

    But his plans may come to nothing, with Ryde Council saying the proposal would…[Read more]

  • I agree. It is a tough one. And at what point do you reveal it? If at all. I think to advertise the fact would scare some off but as Felicity said, some people would get off on that. I guess once someone is at the point of putting in an offer they probably should be told. Tough call for the real estate agent.

  • Fibejebe replied to the topic Develop or sell? in the forum Value Adding 16 years ago

    Someone emailed me suggesting we do a vendor finance arrangement where a developer pays 120K (or something) upfront and then gives us a unit on completion. Looking reaalistically at the figures, you can build a single story unit for 100K each. Therefore cost to developer = 400K (4x100K per unit), 120K upfront, 30K incidentals = $550 all up. He…[Read more]

  • Fibejebe replied to the topic Develop or sell? in the forum Value Adding 16 years ago

    Thanks for the suggestions. We spoke to the accountant this arvo. If we rent the place (until we are ready to develop) we would get a return of $120 to $130 per week on a $300K property. Not a good return.

    Therefore, it seems to make sense to sell, pay some off the new PPOR – need to keep some mortgage on that as I am salary packaging and it…[Read more]

  • I subscribe to the Jenman newsletter so emailed them and asked them to name names. They replied with the following (quote)

    “The Five Candidates in the article are…

    1. John Fitzgerald; 2. Jack Weavers; 3. Ed Burton; 4. Dymphna Boholt; 5. Steve McKnight (end quote)

  • Originally posted by muppet:
    Hi Guys <snip>
    The Australian Government is about to close a loophole that allowed several thousand New Zealanders who arrived between February and May 2001 to continue receiving benefits without a certificate of residence.

    Citizenship Minister Gary Hardgrave blamed sporting loyalties, proximity and traditional…[Read more]

  • Newgen,
    Congrats on the successful purchase of your investment property, even with the added stress of the burlary.

    Years ago I had a cash business and often had large sums of money in the house. I had a dog food can where I had cut the bottom off it, fed the dog, washed the tin out and put a jam jar with the cash in it inside the can. In a…[Read more]

  • One of our reasons for continuing to invest locally is that my hubby wants to quit work and one of our options is certainly for him to manage our properties himself. If we purchase interstate, this is not an option.

  • Originally posted by nchattaway:
    But you’re not going to give us newbies any hints are you Fibejebe :-)

    C’mon, just a little nudge?


    I cant. I know there is someone else on this board looking in the same town, and if I gave too much away and everyone on the board flooded the place, it would be really unfair on him.

  • You will have trouble finding anything +cashflow in Mandurah now, without putting in a sizable deposit. It is worth considering tho if you have spare cash up your sleeve as the capital gain over the next 5 years should continue until the railway line goes in and the Freeway is completed.

    I recently sold my PPOR – so no CGT. We are going to invest…[Read more]

  • Originally posted by **PropertyGuRu**:
    Short or big I like all!

    Who says “size doesn’t matter!”

  • I did lose my visa card a few months ago,[:(] so phoned ANZ “lost and stolen visa cards” section. Now, before I progress let me assure you that they have a dedicated phone number specifically for lost and stolen cards. Typical bank, I spent over 15 minutes on the line listening to poopy music and adverts for ANZ etc including them assuring me that…[Read more]

  • Fibejebe replied to the topic Lawyer in WA in the forum Lawyer in WA 16 years, 9 months ago

    lawyer or settlement agent?

  • Hey Recoveryman,
    Was great to meet you and the young fella. Am pleased that your trip was profitable. I thought that Al and I were keen on investing until I met you and realised that for us it is a hobby and for yourself it is an obsession. [:D] Your enthusiasm was contagious!
    Take care,

  • Yep, we found a dozen or so a couple of weeks ago in a town in SA with a population of over 20,000 and a good stable industry plus additional employers. All met the 11 second rule. I wouldn’t buy site unseen tho. Was worthwhile talking to the real estate agents and getting a feel for the town.

  • Fibejebe replied to the topic Back again in the forum Opinionated! 16 years, 9 months ago

    Hi Bill,
    Happy Australia Day and welcome back to
    Missed ya,

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