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  • Hi ,thought I would add my two cents worth,
    depending on when you bought in casino,
    Did you pay in the price range of $85000?

    If so to build a 24/25 sq house it would cost about $160000…thats a total of $245000 not counting drivway,grass,plants,…rounding to $250000….selling in the price range of $300.000

    $50.000 profit….50/50 share with…[Read more]

  • Im ezy [buz2]My son just had a bad experiance with cavalier on the gold coast they where working in lismore , we are now talking to solicitors I can not say what the coffs harbour franchise is like …
    ballina is in my humble opinion great, although you need to vent your rents as is a good policy
    realestate seem to put any one in the…[Read more]

  • Hi its ezy[buz2]
    I also found kerbside valuer…yuk…
    always ask for full inspection , its saves time .
    As you already have a good idea of the value , always ask for a valuer who is experianced in the field …some times they send out a boy to do a mans job …if you know what I mean.
    [ezy] would never do that I would send a woman.[gorgeous]

  • ezy.home.loans23320 replied to the topic FREE Bonus Chapter in the forum Heads Up! 15 years ago

    Thank you for the Freebeeeeeeeee
    I find your writing an excellent tool

    its so ezy to read.[buz2]

  • This is Ezy[buz2]
    just an idea…contact a builder who may be interested in building a spec home …your land his building..when the package is sold take out your AGREED costs share the profit.
    ezy does it remember to get the agreement on paper with a solicitor.[buz2]

  • I dont know if this will help…I have heard that some of the house and land deals @ 100% are inflated so have a look in the area you are building check out two or three realestate agents in the area for what houses of similar style are worth…also go back to the building contract and see if there is a clause that says you are locked in for…[Read more]

  • Hi its Ezy…you have two things going against you
    as far as the lenders are concerned, usually its not the banks that say ya or na its the Mortgage insurers, if you can by pass them its all systems go…so you would need 20% deposit plus a further 3/5% gov fees and charges…They will be looking at the length of your employment.If you could get…[Read more]

  • I dont think this is a silly question ,
    maybe your requirement of $1mil is a little high but
    how do I know what you need this much money for, maybe you are going to feed and house the poor.
    How ever take your 1 million divide it by 52
    remember to factor in the costs …
    if you earn $50 per week after cost x by 52= etc ect ect……by doing this…[Read more]

  • hi thought I should tell you ballina is a great place , beaches etc, costs are rising and you can now buy from $260000 to one million,
    Wardell, Broadwater and woodburn are 15 minutes from there 20 mn from lismore 5 min from evenshead beach…all reasonable priced and worth checking most banks will lend 70%…as usual they the Banks seem to be the…[Read more]

  • Hi. I was just going to read, but I have decided to tell what I did with vertually no money..
    My no money idea ended up costing $20.000 but worth every penny..
    my house was valued at $260000
    after spending $20000 the house is now valued at $320.000..
    .We made a small bedroom into a cozy Kitchen , then made the reasonable kitchen into a large…[Read more]

  • Hi sorry about the tall building …my brain is small and my heart is big
    even superman would have had trouble with that building…ezy now jumping off.[buz2]oops I have forgotten my cape[confused2]

  • from Ezy….
    I have a friend who has a share house,
    telestra put in a pay phone…and
    the owner put in a coke machine…
    as for the washing machine that was a pay as you go as well…
    the cost of electricity was factored into the rent
    hope this helps …EZY[buz2]

  • Ezy says…ok you might be only making $10 or so but there are other considerations…
    is there going to be any influx in jobs or people in the near future…one town I know has stood still for years but now the town is getting a boys detention centre and the influx of jobs and people is quite substancial …the place I bought for $94000 in a…[Read more]

  • Hi I am Ezy[buz2] and my family live in lismore NSW.
    Lismore as been getting rather expencive of late.
    and with the new levee the council has put in ,they [the council] still dont know where the flood waters will come up to…south Lismore and North Lismore are not a good prospect due to flooding,unless the house or units are two story…
    East…[Read more]

  • Hi its EZY…
    I dont know where the property is, you need to contact the local council ask has there been any growth in the area? is there likely to be any growth in the near future?
    how old is the population? are there any young people in the area?
    is there job prospects in the area?
    Will the housing co-ops in the area be willing to help people…[Read more]

  • Hi I am back,thought I would ask a question or two
    [buz2]I think buying caravans to rent out is an ok idea…BUT …have you checked out the type of clients you will have?
    Have you checked out the income of the prospective clients?
    and how you will collect the rents?
    Beleave it or not the best clients in my opinion
    are aged, invalid, and sole…[Read more]

  • Drink to much water and that will kill you,
    Drink to much Beer and that will kill you
    Drink to much coke and that will kill you
    Crossing the road could kill you.
    get cought with my daughter, and you could die v/slowly…
    It’s a fact when you are born to are on a journey
    it will end when you Die.. sooner or later
    We will all Die, some of us get…[Read more]

  • to start you would need a good solicitor,
    maybe find out exactly how much he can earn before he loses his pension…its scary if you are old or sick and you think you might lose your one line of security……
    set up a payment system where the person selling can draw $2000p/month all the rest of the money stays in a Trust of some sort where all…[Read more]

  • I have asked people to email me …
    because I thought I could help them
    I have never asked them to let me find the finance for their loan,
    some times I think I have a good solution for their problem.
    In order to discuss the matter I ask the person to email me, some people although they want help they dont feel comfortable puting their lives on…[Read more]

  • Private money ..I think most lenders can get you that, but why, and how much,
    the question would be, what is the interest rate…
    some personal details would be required…[buz2]
    [email protected]

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