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  • Well those things are uncertain for me right now I have to get my solicitor to overlook the finer details but I want to put it through a company but may have to purchase personally for the time being it will use about 2/3 of my money right now but I’m confident I can build it back up by mid next year and I’ll still be left with enough to put a…[Read more]

  • I have a nice office on the table its selling for 250,000 and net 7.2% yield I am a little suspicious and overly cautious because it seems too good a deal

    The current owners are occupying they are a publicly listed company in Australia I have checked them
    Out they are legitimate and they want to lease it back off me once I purchase paying all…[Read more]

  • I just might have to find a buyers agent I’ll look around the forum and make a post I’m from Sydney , running my own business is time consuming and I don’t have as much time as I would like to view properties

  • To be honest I wouldn’t bother with a project like that for a first buy, it probably is already overpriced I mean depending on what type of units you plan to build single storey or 2-3 storey it can cost a lot of money and if you end up borrowing most of the money from a lender you will be under a lot of pressure to sell when it’s completed just…[Read more]

  • Thanks for the input and i have decided to hold out of that area for atleast a year, I will probably pick up one or two long lease commercial properties in that time closer to home even if they are close to neutral gearing. Might offer the tenants a vendor finance deal after a couple of months.

  • I just bought a small house on the northern nsw coast for $115,000 and its renting for a nice $240 a week my mortgage repayments are under $115.
    My borrowing capacity is around 400-450,000 but this purchase hasn’t adversely affected my borrowing capacity my broker worked out each purchase like this one will lower it by $15,000 at worst due to…[Read more]

  • I simply don’t earn enough but I appreciate your feedback I understand and agree which is why you definitely need to have it structured well with a solicitor have everything on title and contract but if you had a handful of people staked in with a common agenda like a real estate trust fund but private, small scale and more personal but in that…[Read more]

  • I’ve had an idea for a while to start a company with a small group of like minded investors people who are at a similiar stage in property investing as I am with less then 2 properties and a lack of buying power.
    Ideally the mission would be to go into a property purchase together co-purchasing or having shares in a company owning the property…[Read more]

  • Should I just tell him I don’t believe there’s another buyer and that I’ll take it at 109k? Just don’t want to give in too easy. You have to wine and dine me before you f&[email protected] me

    I’m about to
    Message him back with

    “I had another talk with my advisor this afternoon, we’ve agreed to go $108,000 but I’ll have you know I’ll need to find the extra…[Read more]

  • It’s rather an undesirable area to most investors it’s a majority housing commission area but I met the tenants when I went to inspect and the fact they have a flourishing vegetable garden means to me they are responsible and care for the house I’ve never seen a bad tenant with a well maintained garden or vegetable patch and it’s a sign they are…[Read more]

  • So I recently drove 5 hours fr Sydney to look at a property on the north coast it’s listed as $109k but when I went to the inspection the agent told me it had been listed for 12 months my property value subscription tells me it’s been on the market for nearly 2 years at the same price property prices have gone up since neighbouring houses in…[Read more]

  • Could you elaborate on non coded ? What exactly do you mean by that and would a conventional bank offer it I’m pretty chummy with my loan manager it’s an old friend of the family so I’d imagine they would tell me more options if they were available to me

  • Ah I’m in the dilemma of negotiating right now I put my offer of $105,000 on Sunday around 2pm ,this morning I get a call of a counter offer of undisclosed value it’s listed for 109,000 but I call bullshit and they are trying to milk me I got back a few hours later increasing the offer to 107,000 and I’ll give 2 days for the agent to call I mean…[Read more]

  • Also just pointing out I rather purchase in Kempsey for now , a quick look and you will find that the land values given by government are so low you literally have to own 30 blocks of land before you reach the land tax threshold (almost $4million worth of property on the current market)that’s a no brainer for me .

    Also I’m tending more towards…[Read more]

  • Also just pointing out I rather purchase in Kempsey for now , a quick look and you will find that the land values given by government are so low you literally have to own 30 blocks of land before you reach the land tax threshold (almost $4million worth of property on the current market)that’s a no brainer for me .

  • Hi guys
    So long story short last year
    My business only turned over $30,000 this year I’m expecting atleast double that but I want to buy a second investment property before the financial year ends, I have $110,000 in my offset its a joint purchase that another family member put the deposit on which was $150,000 and the repayments were up to me…[Read more]

  • What about a fresh modern driveway? I’m a concretor by trade so I could get away with just my own time and the costs of materials it could cost $4,000 for a 50m2 driveway which is an average size , if they are stuck with an old strip driveway or none do you think it will do more for rent or house value

  • Oh lord I’m looking at the dates on these, if only it was still the case nothing under 400 in at marys or anywhere around there unless it’s close to housing commission. Right now kempsey looks promising I’m buying something there this week.

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